Elena Rybolovleva was arrested on the complaint of a Cyprus trust

Cypriot media reported that Rybolovleva had been detained by the local police. The law enforcers suspect that the wife of Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlevastole a ring worth $ 25 million.
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The former wife of businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev (№14 in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia's version of Forbes, the state - $ 9.1 billion) Elena Rybolovlev, who since 2008 is divorce with ex-husband, was detained on Monday in Cyprus on the Cyprus criminal complaint international trust Fund Domus trust, said in a statement received by the Forbes company Bolton Trustees Limited, representing the interests of Domus trust.

The complaint against Elena Rybolovleva concerns, in particular, theft entrusted property - "a rare subject of extremely high value," the statement said. In Bolton Trustees noted that the Trust has the right to the protection of these assets. "In this regard, on the basis of existing legislation, we must act accordingly to protect these assets," - said in a statement.

In 2009, it became known that even in the three years prior to the divorce Rybolovlev transferred to the management of the trust some of its assets. As I reported in "Kommersant" newspaper, which helped protect the billionaire of their assets from seizure for claims ex-wife. Trusts - is agreeingof, by which property is transferred at the disposal of the manager, but the so-called beneficiaries continue to own and receive income. Name Rybolovlev trust in the media is not voiced. In 2010, through a Cyprus Trust, former principal owner of "BRIC" acquired 9.7% of the Cyprus's largest bank - Bank of Cyprus, becoming its largest shareholder.

About Elena Rybolovleva arrest became known in the evening on February 24th. Cyprus edition Cyprus Mail reported that she was detained on arrival in Cyprus from Switzerland. As stated by the publication of the police, Rybolovlev is suspected that the owner does not return the ring worth $ 25 million, rented it in 2009 for his daughter.

Elena Rybolovlev, who for several years now lives in Switzerland, filed for divorce in 2008. She claims to part of the state Dmitry Rybolovlev, who Forbes in 2013 estimated the $ 9.1 billion. Rybolovlev sued in the courts of several countries, demanding to arrest the ex-husband's property for his section. Previously, she stated that Rybolovlev, seeking to deprive it of its intended stake, got rid of a number of assets - in particular, 63% of the company "Uralkali & raquo; and 25% of "Silvinit", and invested the proceeds in the elite real estate and other expensive purchases, including the football club "Monaco".

Among the major shopping Dmitry Rybolovlev in the past few years - a mansion worth $ 20 million in Hawaii, owned by Hollywood star Will Smith, businessman Donald Trump's house (the state - $ 3.5 billion), two Greek islands, which the Russian billionaire bought the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis for $ 100 million (estimated media), a penthouse in Monaco $ 300 million and a penthouse in New York for $ 88 million. Elena Rybovleva in their claims disputed part of these transactions, indicating that her ex-husband bought property through nominees, including their common daughter.

Businessman Rybolovlev's wife appear in court in Cyprus
RIA Novosti, 24.02.2014

The wife of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, Elena, is in custody in the Cyprus police and within 24 hours shall be brought before the examining magistrate, told RIA Novosti officer in charge of the press service of the Cyprus police.

"There is an arrest warrant,in which today Rybolovlev was arrested. The exact time of his arrest, I can not name. Because there is a warrant issued on suspicion of theft against a specific person, he was executed. Now the process is moving. Within 24 hours, it should be brought to trial before the examining magistrate. It will take further decisions ", - said the press officer.

According to him, the procedure for consideration of cases in court, "the same as in Greece." This means that the coroner may take one of three decisions: to leave her detention; free conditions with restrictions of movement and the security of the compulsory attendance to the police; or release it in full without any restrictions, that would mean the complete withdrawal of the charges.

Cyprus company Bolton Trustees Limited confirms complaint against the wife of Russian billionaire. "According to the complaint filed, Elena Rybolovlev was arrested today on arrival in Cyprus. The complaint was filed on behalf of the owners of the company trusted Cyprus International Trust Fund Domus Trust. Among other things, the complaint is referred to the theftbility of the trust (rare thing exceptionally high value) Elena Rybolovleva "- said in a press release.

Earlier Monday, Cypriot media reported on detention Rybolovleva local police. Publication Cyprus Mail writes with reference to the Cyprus police, the detention held on suspicion of stealing a ring worth $ 25 million. The publication points out that, presumably, the company leased Rybolovlev Bolton Trustees diamond ring in Switzerland in 2009 and gave it to his daughter. Ring, according to the newspaper, and has not been returned to the owner. According to the Cypriot media, Rybolovlev arrived in Cyprus on a flight from Switzerland in Limassol on Monday morning and was arrested by the police. There is an ongoing divorce proceedings Rybolovlev. Elena Rybolovlev accuses wife - Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev - infidelity and demands compensation in the amount of 3.5 billion dollars. In August 2013 it was announced that Elena Rybolovlev has sued the US state of Hawaii suit, which claims that the businessman buys expensivereal estate in the United States, hoping to avoid the payment of compensation in divorce.