Elena Skrynnik bought herself an apartment for 700 million rubles

Former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, and now the head of the International Independent Institute of Agrarian Policy Elena Skrynnik became the owner of an apartment in the Federation tower with an area of 2 thousand square meters.
The premises are located on the 37th floor of a building on Presnenskaya embankment in Moscow. Their cadastral value is about 307 million rubles.

According to Rosreestr, Skrynnik purchased the apartment in 2020. Prior to that, the premises for three years were owned by the Zapadny bank, deprived of its license and declared bankrupt.

As follows from the information of the Russian Auction House, the premises were put up for sale with an initial price of 687 million rubles. Skrynnik bought the premises for almost 700 million rubles, becoming the only bidder.

Earlier, The Bell reported that three premises in the Federation were registered on Skrynnik: 352 sq. m, 309 sq. m and 212 sq. m. According to the newspaper, the interior was renovated in the style of a salon with quilted leather walls, unusual chairs, and the wall is decorated with a two-meter photograph of Skrynnik with Vladimir Putin.

Skrynnik from 2001 to 2008 held the post of General Director of OJSC Rosagroleasing from 2001 to 2008, from 2009 to 2012 she headed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

After the change of government, the federal media accused Skrynnik of money laundering, but she denied these charges.

In addition, the press published the results of inspections by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, from which it followed that Rosagroleasing was a participant in financial fraud. Skrynnik herself categorically disagreed with this information.

Skrynnik left Russia, leaving for some time in France. Moskovsky Komsomolets reported that she was being treated there in a home hospital.

In 2018, the Odintsovo City Court of the Moscow Region, on the claims of Skrynnik, declared unreliable publications on several sites, accusing her of various abuses.

Skrynnik is currently the head of the Institute for Investment Policy Analysis. Its website says that she is one of the leading ideologists of Russia's agrarian policy in the period 2000-2012.

“The diversified sphere of interests of Elena Skrynnik made it possible to form a unique experience, an effective leadership system,” the MNIAP website says.