Elon Musk wanted to buy an intercontinental ballistic missile in Russia

In October 2001, a businessman Elon Musk came to Moscow to buy an intercontinental ballistic missile refitted to send mice to Mars. Why the deal failed is explained in Musk's bio. 
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Musk has held several meetings in Moscow, including with representatives of the Lavochkin and the company "Cosmotrans," the biography of the entrepreneur "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the search for a fantastic future", written by journalist Ashlee Vance, excerpts of which publishes Bloomberg. However, the talks ended without result, as the Russians did not take the proposal seriously businessman.

In February 2002, Musk returned to Moscow with a briefcase full of dollars, intending to buy the three missiles. At a meeting with representatives of "Cosmotrans" it was called price of $ 8 million per missile. Musk offered the same amount for two. Followed by a refusal, and the owner had left Moscow, confident that the Russian or do not want to deal with it, or want to make the most of it as they can.

While the mask flew from Russia, he sketched out a plan of action and told stunned partners that decided to build their own rocket. Thus began the history of SpaceX. In September 2008, a rocket Falcon 1 was the first in the history of private rocket using liquid fuel, which was released into Earth orbit.

In June 2007, actor Robert Dowand Jr., who was preparing to play inventor Tony Stark in the science fiction film "Iron Man", visited the SpaceX production complex, located near the shooting area. Impressed by what he saw, he asked director Jon Favreau put in a workshop Stark electric sports car Tesla Roadster, manufactured by mask, which, in his opinion, it could be a friend of his character. Later, the businessman played a small role in the second part of "Iron Man."

On Monday, May 11 the newspaper The Washington Post published a selection of the most interesting excerpts from the biography mask. In particular, he told Vance that his "family is afraid that Russian would kill him." Google CEO Larry Page said that billionaire Musk as homeless, periodically asks him to put to sleep, because he does not have their own housing in Silicon Valley, where he comes every week to see how things are going in the company Tesla Motors. Paige said, "has not given him the key."

In the center of Palo Alto, where Google's headquarters, the company has secret placesIn which Musk, Page and his partner Sergey Brin occasionally gather to discuss some unusual ideas, writes Lisa Eadichikko that for the publication Business Insider also got acquainted with the book Vance. She quotes an excerpt from the memoirs of his friend George Zekeri Mask, who was present at one of these meetings.

"I once visited there, and Ilan told about the construction of jet aircraft, operating on electricity, which could take off and land vertically. Larry said that the aircraft must be able to sit on the slopes, where there are ski slopes, and Sergey said that it is necessary, so that he could get into Manhattan port. Then they started talking about the construction of a passenger aircraft, which would be circling around the Earth, and you could jump into it very quickly get where you need to. I thought they were joking, but in the end I asked Ilona, ​​"You really gonna do this?" And he took: "Yes."

Biography The mask will be available May 19 to the price of $ 21.14 and is available for pre-order.

Elon Musk - a businessman and inventor of South African origin, having citizenshipof South Africa, the United States and Canada. He is the founder and head of SpaceX and Tesla Motors company. Developed by SpaceX Dragon spacecraft engaged in the delivery of cargo to the ISS. Work is underway to establish its passenger version.

Musk also founded the payment system PayPal, which he sold to eBay in 2002 for $ 1.5 billion. At the time, the businessman owned almost 12% of its shares. In the ranking of billionaires Forbes Musk occupies 100th place, his fortune is estimated at $ 12 billion.