Elvira Nabiullina and Vasily Pozdyshev remembered the missing 335 billion rubles

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev threatened the "Opening of the Holding Company" with a lawsuit on bankruptcy. Where disappeared allocated last year 335 billion rubles, no one in the Central Bank does not know.
The Central Bank may launch the procedure of bankruptcy "Opening of the holding", if he does not pay back debts to the banks of the "Otkrytie" group by 335 billion rubles., Vasily Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank, told Interfax. In the interview, he did not say what the debt was from.

Sanitized "FC Otkritie" - one of the largest holders of bonds "The opening of the holding", said earlier "Vedomosti" representative of the latter. Last year, the holding restructured all 15 issues of its ruble bonds by 249 billion rubles. In addition, the Central Bank believes that the "Opening Holding" is still due to a loan of 28 billion rubles., Which was issued for the rehabilitation of the Trust in 2015. His term expired in 2021, but after the Trust left In the Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector (FCSF), together with FC Opening, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) demanded the repayment of the loan ahead of schedule.

The holding's debt to the banks of the Otkritie group is 161.4 billion rubles. on loans and 162 billion rubles. on the bonds, says the representative of the holding. At the same time, the holding considers the debt of Bank Trust to be outstanding before the "Opening by the holding" for 28 billion rubles., He adds: the bank wrote off the obligation with violations of the law. "We discuss the issue with our debt to the" Opening "group with the representatives of the group in the working order, as well as other issues of our relations," the representative of the holding said. "We are interested in resolving these issues and are seeing the same interest from our partners."

These 28 billion rubles. lay on the deposit in the "Trust", and "Opening Holding" indicated that the bank should return the money, and not the company. In addition, the holding company proposed to DIA to secure collateral for the loan - 778 million bonds of the federal loan "Russia-2030" for 28.5 billion rubles. "Trust" deposit for 28 billion rubles. he wrote off, referring to the fact that by law the bank must stop obligations to former owners, but the holding still had to: the DIA transferred the rights of claim for the loan to "Growth Bank".

 "The first moment: writing off these funds and preserving the debt" The opening of the holding "in front of the bank" Trust "was made in accordance with the norms of the law. All other comments of the holding concern their own assessment, which is fair, which is unfair. We act strictly in the legal field, "says Pozdyshev. "Second, if we invade the region" fairly or unjustly, "then it should be noted that the holding owes all banks and financial companies of the Otkritie group, including the Trust, 28 billion rubles, but at least 10 times more more - about 300 billion rubles. And the holding has not yet disclosed where the management of the holding sent this money, "the deputy chairman of the Central Bank continued.

According to him, the Central Bank expects that the holding will disclose those investment objects, into which these funds went, and return the money or assets.

On June 29, in the file of arbitration cases, a lawsuit was opened "The opening of the holding company" to the DIA. It has not yet been accepted for production, the amount of claims is not disclosed.