Elvira Nabiullina frightened the banks

Elvira Nabiullina's words that Master-Bank "is not alone in its kind" reminded the bankers of the credibility crisis in 2004. The blacklists are again on the run, the interbank market is shrinking, but the readiness is higher this time as the collapse of "Pushkin" has served as prophylactic immunization. 
On the day of withdrawal of the license from the master bank for violation of anti-money laundering law, 20 November, the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said in the State Duma: "He is not the only one, but these banks a bit." At the end of September for the same lost "Pushkino" licensed bank. The fact that both of them for a long time carried out dubious operations, the bankers knew perfectly well, and believing in the seriousness of the intentions of the regulator (from July 22, the Central Bank revoked the license to three in the first half), began to wonder who else out of the market. In "list, who will soon withdraw the license" admitted to "Vedomosti", about 20 banks.

Not designed to end supervisory actions could lead to a collapse similar to 2004, the inter-bank market, warned Moscow International Currency Association (MICA), marked the beginning of "liquidity squeeze, growth rates, banks' refusal to place surplus funds overnight even conventional counterparts."

Usually in November interbank market is very active, but not this year, leading President of MICA Alexei Mamontov data information system Delta on operations 300 banks, "Before history with" Pushkin "on the day of thergovalo 170 banks, and now - 130; the number of transactions decreased from 400-450 to 280-290 per day. Banks are the second and third round stopped lending to each other. "

The situation with the Master-Bank has caused liquidity outflows from small banks, large become more cautious to lend to them, to reduce the limits, says predpravleniya of the National Currency Association Dmitry Piskulov.

Overnight MosPrime rate reached 6.6% - more this year was only 28 of June (6.62%).

Bids close to the highs, but it affects the fundamental factors, the analyst Raiffeisenbank Maria Pomelnikova: Factor Master Bank has added tension, but it is not decisive.

The outflow of liquidity Pomelnikova thinks naturally in the tax period (her score - 380 billion rubles.). Yet this week the Ministry of Finance, banks have to return 260 billion rubles. deposits.

Not exhausted the limits on repo (debt of banks to the Central Bank -. 2.5 trillion of potential 4 trillion rubles, banks use more costly resource - currency swaps, notes Pomelnikova yesterday bet on them constituted 6.5% against 5.5% for the repo "Small banks, which are in need whetherliquidity appear sharper, probably already lack collateral for repo, but, with its currency, increase involvement through currency swaps. "

"Talking about the crisis of confidence is not true - says Pomelnikova. - It's a chain reaction, and now we see only local problems in individual banks. "

This was partly due to the revocation of the license of the "Pushkin", an active player in the interbank market. After that, "riskoviki banks intensified," said a trader at Bank of the top-50. "Banks posokraschali limits excluded from the lists of certain counterparties," - specifies the head of the dealing center Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk. "After the" Pushkin "our riskoviki rechecked all counterparties, and we have reduced the limits on individual banks", - said predpravleniya "SB Bank" Andrey Egorov. After cleaning the speed decreased, but less than 10%, the trader said Bank of the top-20.