Elvira Nabiullina relaxes her subordinates by billions

The unprofitable Central Bank contains 18 resorts with saunas, massages and beauty salons.
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The regulator does not advertise how he cares about his employees. Meanwhile, this concern amounts to dozens of institutions, thousands of employees and large annual expenses, which Ko learned about from the procurement program, the procurements themselves, and on social networks from the reviews of the rest.

Hard and unprofitable regulator

The Central Bank of Russia under Elvir Nabiullina gained a reputation as a tough, even radical regulator. In 2018 alone, 41 banks were bankrupted. This year the situation is repeating itself. Many of these lending institutions are charged with asset transfers. Moreover, the regulator does not see such operations in state-owned banks, allocating trillions of rubles of assistance to them. Fresh history - real estate, airplane and yacht of a friend of the head of VTB Andrey Kostin Naili Asker-zade, significantly exceeding the value of the income of this couple.

The Central Bank itself for two years, according to annual reports, has been operating at a loss: in 2018, it amounted to 434.7 billion rubles, in 2017 - 435.3 billion rubles. These losses occurred due to the purchase of several cracked banks. With such losses, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation paid its employees in 2018 an average of 239 thousand rubles. This is 6.5 times more than the average salary of Russians. A total of 114.5 billion rubles was spent on the maintenance of the Bank's employees. “Today, salaries of Central Bank employees do not differ from salaries in other departments,” said Sergei Aleksashenko, former deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. However, according to Rosstat, the average monthly salary of federal officials in 2018 was 126.6 thousand rubles. - half as much as in the Bank of Russia.

“Our leadership does not lead a luxurious life, you will not meet him in Courchevel in the society of oligarchs, like other officials,” says an employee of the Bank of Russia. At the same time, the two first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova and Sergey Shvetsov received 83 million rubles for the year. and 79.7 million rubles. respectively. The head of the monetary policy department, Alexei Zabotkin, gained RUB 92.9 million. Elvira Sakhipzadovna herself earned 34.7 million rubles in 2018. The management of the Central Bank did not explain what are the sources of their income. "

This year on Neglinnaya 12, three expensive Audi executive cars were delivered for 6.6 million rubles. The head of the Central Bank drives a Mercedes 600 S with a flasher. Nabiullina also has her own Jaguar S-Type.

The head of the Central Bank, as its employees say, is a very closed person; she, unlike the predecessor Sergei Ignatiev, cannot be met in the corridors of the office on Neglinnaya. When Elvira Sakhipzadovna goes to the meeting room, security guards block the offices of Central Bank employees, and they cannot leave them until she finishes the march. For the head of the Central Bank has its own entrance to the bank. When Nabiullina gets out to get into the car, the patio is cordoned off around the perimeter. In addition to the internal security service, the head of the Central Bank is guarded by the Russian Guard.

The Central Bank employs 47,910 people. This giant team with a good salary has a rest and is being treated in closed institutions.

The Bank of Russia has resort real estate in almost all tourist places in Russia. A total of health centers and recreation centers in the procurement of the Central Bank of Co. discovered 18. Most were built in Soviet times. But the Bank did not get rid of non-core assets, as most government agencies did.
Central Bank South Resort

The newest and most luxurious resort of the Bank of Russia is located in the recreation center “Yuzhny” in Sochi on the Black Sea coast near Krasnaya Polyana. Here, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, a building was built for 200 rooms for 3.5 billion rubles. He supplemented the existing guesthouse. Only Central Bank employees and their families can spend their holidays in Yuzhny. “Yuzhny” is engaged in medical activities and has a certificate for the provision of health-improving services in the “4 stars” category. And these four stars are not an empty phrase. So, for the guests of Yuzhny this year, the Thermo-Spa-Concerto hot tub was purchased for 4.7 million rubles. and the Baroox 1.0 camera for 7.2 million rubles, follows from the Central Bank's procurement plan for 2019.

In addition to equipment, Yuzhny is very proud of its park; it is not inferior to the Sochi Arboretum in the number of specimens and plant species. The Bank of Russia does not spare money on it, only this year it spent 8.4 million rubles. on seedlings and seedlings. In the "South" there is also a marble staircase with fountains. The cleaning and restoration of granite and marble surfaces cost the Bank 957 thousand rubles in 2017.

It also has its own beach, boat station, pleasure boat, catamarans (four more were bought in 2019), a swimming pool, bowling, billiards, a concert hall ... And this year for 16.3 million rubles. a rope park will also be built. “Yuzhny is quite - full 4 stars,” characterizes the hotel of the health-improving association, “the general director of the RosinvestOtel Hotel Management Company Kirill Irtyuga, - I think he can get 5 without any difficulties. He has everything for this: infrastructure (swimming pool, sports halls, etc.), the composition of services, the territory, the quality of the number of rooms. ”

Around the same set of entertainment, with the possible exception of the rope park, is in every Central Bank boarding house.

Paradise places of the Central Bank

Bank of Russia employees call their Baltic Sands recreation center “a paradise”: the Baltic Sea, on the shore of which they look for amber and swim, at home in a pine forest in the Curonian Spit National Park, great food, treatments and entertainment. This year, two of the latest Alpha LED Oxy Light Spa complexes and two Lojer medical massage tables (115Е) were purchased here for 4.2 million rubles. In the spa complex, you can get pure oxygen for tissue repair, go for aromatherapy and 17 other various procedures.

In another pension of the Central Bank - “Firefly” in Kamchatka, in the village of Paratunka, where hot thermal springs are beating, spa people can take baths all year round. By mineralization and content of silicic acid, they are similar to the sources of the Baden-Baden resorts. Healing and silt mud - from the bottom of Utinoye Lake located in the Paratunka area. In 2017, they bought a mud pot for the preparation of healing mud for “Firefly” for 661 thousand rubles.

For those who are not too late to drink narzan, the Bank of Russia has a resort in Kislovodsk.

Of the unusual secret purchases of the regulator for its institutions, two cryosaunas are worth noting. But this equipment is most likely installed in the Moscow medical center of the Central Bank. For the cosmetology department of one of the medical centers was the Alvegan brand Juvederm - for contouring of the face and lips. Purchase at the cost of 2.2 million rubles. until it took place.

The Central Bank likes to shoot. In “Golden Sands”, in Anapa, another resort on the Black Sea, in 2017 they bought 12 assault rifles, 4 sniper rifles, one pistol and one machine gun and one mine for the Laser Tag game. The game cost inexpensively - 665 thousand rubles.

Most of the pensions at the regulator in the suburbs are six. In 2018, for the Moscow region Pestovo, they purchased Japanese massage chairs Inada 3S Flex for 653 thousand rubles. Another 12 million rubles. spent on the construction of the rink and two playgrounds.

And finally - about the "consumables." The Bank of Russia spent 44.2 million rubles in 2019 on bathrobes and terry towels with a logo, slippers, pillows, blankets and bed linen in 15 boarding houses. And for annual food in five boarding houses - 256 million rubles. Dining in the Central Bank's recreation areas is generous, organized according to the buffet principle already in six health centers by Fusion Management Boris Stavissky (ex-top manager of Optima) and Daniil Shchedrova (ex-head of the oil and gas asset management group “ Gazprombank ").

The price of self-love

The maintenance of resorts costs the Central Bank billions per year. Most of it comes from staff salaries. The regulator did not answer the question “To,” what were the salary costs for the personnel of health facilities and medical centers. We calculated that if in 2018 the Central Bank spent 114.5 billion rubles on salaries, then at least 5% of this amount, that is, 5.75 billion, may fall on the staff of health facilities and medical centers. Everything else is added to this sum. According to the Central Bank, in the past year, 356 million rubles were spent on the purchase of vehicles, medical and other equipment and inventory, which is 2.4% of the total capital expenditures.

Judging by the reviews on social networks, the employees of the Central Bank really like the rest and treatment in these boarding houses. Sea of ​​pleasure at prices below market at least twice.

Bankers about the resorts of the Central Bank

Is it right for the regulator to have non-core assets and create excellent health centers and resorts for his staff amid a reduction in hospitals across the country? “The government of Moscow and the federal have their own clinics, hospitals, and rest homes, plus some state corporation or bank will help if it is necessary to heal abroad. The Central Bank has a special status of a government agency outside the government, and it simply repeats the same model as the government. Therefore, the Central Bank does not refuse such a model, ”ex-First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Oleg Vyugin answers the question of“ Ko ”.

The Ministry of Finance, for example, having reduced its boarding houses, uses the network of the Administrative Department of the Presidential Administration. Like other ministries. The total cost of the federal government for all medical and social benefits is not less than the Central Bank - says Oleg Vyugin

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation now has a sanatorium - “Yuzhny” in the Crimea, on Foros, and the health-improving complex “Fir-trees” near Mytishchi.

Another ex-deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Aleksashenko says that he does not know anything about “excellent health centers”, “I just do not follow this topic; in my time there were 4-5 of them all over the country. Is this normal? For post-installation - yes, it is believed that each department should have something of its own; The prosecutor's office, the FSB have the same institutions ... And the 4th Main Directorate, which is engaged in the medical care of officials and deputies? In principle, all this should not be, and officials and deputies should pay for everything out of pocket - but in our country it is arranged differently. The Central Bank in this sense is no different from the others. ” When asked by “Ko” why the Central Bank of the Russian Federation still owns non-core assets - health centers, recreation centers, medical centers, the Bank did not answer.