Emin Agalarov said "OK!"

Forbes owner Magomed Musayev needed almost a year to find a buyer for the glossy weekly OK !. Its new owner was the first vice-president of the Crocus Group and singer Emin Agalarov.
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Emin Agalarov became the new owner of the magazine OK !. This information was confirmed by RBC businessman himself. According to him, the deal will be finalized in the near future.

Now the certificate of registration of printed media OK! executed at AS Rus Media, JSC, which also acts as the founder and publisher of the Russian version of Forbes. According to Agalarov, “AS Rus Media” will convey to him, along with the magazine, the OK mark!, The website of the publication and the team. The media registration certificate will be renewed to the new legal entity.

Vadim Wernick, editor-in-chief of OK !, will remain at his post, the editorial policy of the weekly will not change, Agalarov promised. He did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.

Brand owner OK! now is the British media group Reach, which publishes including the Mirror and Daily Star tabloids. Under the license Reach magazine OK! in addition to Russia, it is published in 14 more countries - in Bulgaria, China, Japan, Mongolia, Latvia, Georgia and others. The representative of the Reach at the request of RBC did not respond.

For sale Russian version of OK! It was officially exhibited in August 2018, when the owner of the magazine changed ownership: then 100% of “AS Rus Media” from AMCG Alexander Fedotov was acquired by Magomed Musayev. The businessman himself explained that his “interest is connected exclusively with Forbes, so OK! will be sold very soon. "

“In my opinion, Emin Agalarov is the ideal owner in terms of the market and the development prospects of the magazine,” Musayev commented on the deal on July 12. Agalarov has assets in the media industry: a radio station and a TV channel operate under the brand “Zhara”, a magazine is produced, and an annual music festival is held in Baku. In 2016, together with one of the founders of Russky Radio, Sergey Kozhevnikov, the first vice-president of the Crocus Group launched the channel Your House about repair and construction. Under the stage pseudonym Emin, Agalarov, as stated on the Crocus Group website, "performs with concerts around the world."

How the press market has changed since the launch of OK!

In Russia, the weekly celebrity OK! It has been published since 2006, when the local office of the German group Axel Springer received the rights to it. The advertising market as a whole and the press segment in particular were then on the rise: in 2006, advertising revenues of publishers, according to an estimate by the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, grew by 22% year-on-year, which explained the interest of large foreign media companies in the Russian market.

In open sources, the earliest audience data is OK! Dated May-July 2012: then the national audience of one weekly number reached 575 thousand residents of large cities over 12 years old.

In September 2015, due to legislative restrictions that banned foreigners from January 2016 to own more than 20% in the companies - the founders of the Russian media, Axel Springer left the Russian market. Alexander Fedotov got a license for Forbes, as well as OK !, Geo and “Gala Biography”.

In the crisis year of 2015, publishers' advertising revenues had already fallen by 25% from the previous year. In general, the press segment began to show negative dynamics since 2013: every year, total advertising revenue declined by at least 9%.
Last available audience data is OK! relate to September 2017 - February 2018, after which the publisher refused the services of the meter. At that time, the national audience of one number was 432.2 thousand people. For comparison, the “7 days” TV guide had this indicator at the level of 2.6 million people, Hello! - 313.7 thousand, StarHit - 565.6 thousand

In the first quarter of 2019, advertising revenues of publishers decreased compared to the same period last year by another 12%, to 3.4–3.6 billion rubles.

On the Internet site OK! now not popular, according to measurements of Mediascope. In May 2019, on desktops, the daily audience of ok-magazine.ru did not exceed 9.4 thousand people aged 12–64 years living in large cities on mobile devices was at the level of statistical error. The site hellomagazine.com had respectively 22.1 thousand and 19.1 thousand people, 7days.ru - 85.2 thousand and 77.9 thousand, starhit.ru - 82.8 thousand and 150 , 4 thousand

The media edition says that the audience of the site ok-magazine.ru is a woman of 25–44 years old, with higher education, work and an “active lifestyle”.

Why does the magazine need Agalarov

Separately, the indicators of the magazine OK! not one of its owners has disclosed. The weekly has been a loss-making publication for at least the past four years, top managers of AS Rus Media told RBC. Agalarov confirms that the publication is now in a "difficult, but not critical financial situation."

"But I believe in the brand and the possibility of integration with other projects of the media holding" Heat ", - explained the businessman. “The sponsors of the Heat Festival or the advertisers of Heat Magazine will certainly be interested in the placement on the pages of OK !, you only need to offer this opportunity.” Already by the end of this year, OK! may be "another successful project," Agalarov said.

All over the world traditional media are “on the side of the investment”, large profits from retail sales and advertising are already in the past, says InterMedia chief editor Yevgeny Safronov. Therefore, the expert notes, mass media are acquired by large structures and become “planned unprofitable divisions serving the main business”.

The usefulness of the publication for Emin as a singer is not particularly great: the magazine’s audience is hard to understand the underlined intelligent artist who respects traditions and is far from secular and outrageous, which this audience craves, Safronov said. However, in his opinion, the magazine will undoubtedly be useful for the main business of the Agalarovs, especially for promoting Crocus City Hall events.