En + Oleg Deripaska called the article The Telegraph a deceitful

En + Oleg Deripaska, the representative of En +, called false the assumptions of The Telegraph, which reported on Wednesday the claims of British intelligence MI6 to the IPO in London. En + consults with lawyers for further action.
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A representative of En +, uniting the metallurgical and energy assets of Oleg Deripaska, called false accusations and assumptions about the company En + Group and the "daughter" of UC Rusal, which are quoted in today's article of The Telegraph. The newspaper on Wednesday, citing its own sources, reported that the British Foreign Intelligence Service MI6 expressed concern about the placement of En + shares on the London Stock Exchange.

"The article titled" MI6 raises concern at oligarch's £ 1bn City floatation "edition of The Daily Telegraph makes a lot of false accusations and assumptions about the company En + Group and its subsidiary UC Rusal. These charges inflict serious reputational damage on the company, we completely and unconditionally deny them. At the moment, the company consults with lawyers about further actions, "- said in a statement En +, received by RBC.

The representative of the company claims that the IPO En + was conducted in accordance with all applicable requirements of the British regulators - the UK Listing Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Telegraph, in particular, recalls that one of the shareholders of En + is the Russian state bank VTB, which is under EU and US sanctions. For the IPO, he, according to sources from The Telegraph, provided En + with a loan of $ 697 million ($ 973.5 million). Before this was not reported, it was only known that the funds from IPO En + spent on repayment of VTB loan for $ 942.6 million. Last December, VTB's share in En + declined by 2.4 percentage points, from 10.06 up to 7.65%, the bank reported. Following the IPO of the group, VTB's share in En + capital was 3.8%, another 6.25% was received by the bank under the repurchase agreement.

A senior British intelligence official familiar with the situation called the permission of Deripaska's company to place its shares on the London Stock Exchange "scandalous", writes The Telegraph.

The representative of En + replied that the use of funds from the IPO did not violate the sanctions of the US and the EU. "En + and UC Rusal have all the necessary policies and procedures to fully comply with the US and EU sanctions sanctions applicable to the activities of companies. En + always followed the requirements of sanctions, "he said.

IPO En + on the London Stock Exchange was the first placement of shares in a Russian company in London after the introduction of sanctions in 2014. The company itself then attracted $ 1 billion, another $ 500 million was received by Deripaska.

Deripaska already sued the foreign press: in May 2017, he filed a lawsuit against the Associated Press agency, in which he demanded compensation in the amount of $ 75,000 for defamation. Deripaska's claim related to the publication of the agency, where, referring to sources, it was said about his cooperation with former head of the US presidential election campaign Donald Trump Paul Manafort. In particular, the Associated Press claimed that Manafort for several years worked for Deripaska to promote the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The federal court in Washington rejected the claim in October because of insufficient grounding of the claims of the businessman, and in December the businessman and the agency settled the dispute.