Energy of the Crimea: how much the peninsula's independence will cost for Russia

The energy sovereignty of the new Russian region is estimated at 177 billion rubles. Where does the federal center intends to find the money and how it will be spent?
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Energy independence of the Crimea - is the biggest problem of Russia as an investor in the new subject of the Federation, said Forbes senior government official. Now this independence does not exceed 15-16% of the necessary power - electricity generated power as the Crimea in 2013 (less than 1.2 billion kWh). Another part of the energy produce mobile gas turbine power plants, some of which were transported to the island from the post-Olympic Sochi and diesel units. But we are talking about the amount of slightly more than 300 MW, while in 2013, Crimea has consumed more than 6.5 billion kWh.

The deficit is covered by purchases from Ukraine, Forbes said the deputy head of the Crimean Committee on Fuel, Energy and Innovation Policy Sergei Berdyk. Ukraine has already demonstrated that this source of energy is not too reliable, cutting off the light. From 23 to 25 March "Ukrenergo" left without electricity for 30% of the peninsula - the residential areas of Yalta, Kerch, Yalta, Feodosiya and Dzhankoy.

Now Russia has finally decided on how the Crimea will receive its own light, and how much it will have to pay, of Forbes found.

Total Costbe non-volatile (officially referred to "actions for development of the energy system in the Crimea") - almost 177 billion rubles. A large part of the sum - 48.7 billion - will be spent on the construction of the cable transition through the Kerch Strait, he told Forbes Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. Slightly less it will cost generation construction - 44.6 billion, 18.4 billion more - the creation of power grid facilities. Projections "is already in full" engaged state "Energosetproject" to the end of the year the work should be finished, Forbes said the source close to the company.

Sergey Berdyk told Forbes, that the peninsula Russian authorities are planning to build two power plants - about Simferopol and Sevastopol. "A significant portion of the money will go for modernization, - said energy expert of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, chairman NP Territorial network organizations khuruj Alexander. - Infrastructure in the Crimea "ushatannaya" old, without its repair and renewal can not do. "

According to him, in the Crimea, "everything will be very beautiful and modern style"In particular, in the areas of stations expected to launch electric cars.

"Works are going fast, the reconciliation process is not delayed braking in these projects there," - said khuruj.

In cable networks, laid on the bottom of the Kerch Strait, the electricity will be transferred from the Taman Peninsula, he told Forbes First Deputy General Director of "Russian network" Roman Berdnikov. Although it would be more efficient to build a power line across the bridge across the Kerch Strait, which is also planned to build, he said. "These facilities will operate accurately cheaper," - said Forbes said. According Berdnikov, the matter is being decided now, and it is possible, the second option is selected.

Due to the Crimea and to increase the power of the Kuban energy system: 42.4 billion rubles will go to the construction of generation and 22.8 billion - on the network, said Novak. "Investments will help to develop a comprehensive approach to the energy systems of the Crimean peninsula and the south of Russia", - he said.

Money is supposed to take on the Crimea from the budget and extra-budgetarys sources, he said. Forbes Two sources close to the government, explains that part of the funds allocated from the federal target program for the development of the Crimea, and the other - will be required to invest the energy company. The network infrastructure will be built on public money, suggests Roman Berdnikov. Networkers are willing to pay for services of a designer, but funds for the construction to take count of the federal program.

For the construction of power plants is an idea to use the so-called agreements on the accession of power, which the State concludes with the investor, thereby promising to return on investment within a few years. However, the director of partnership "Community energy producers" Igor Mironov never heard of such a plan. He does not know about it and the representative of "Gazprom energy."

"Old age CHP Crimea in conjunction with the frequency of energy generation from renewable sources means that the region will remain heavily dependent on energy imports both in terms of volume and in terms of maintaining quality", - concluded the experi-t consulting firm IHS CERA Energy sectors and markets of Russia, Christopher De Vere Walker in his analysis of the energy sector of the peninsula.

Against this background, the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities have already stated that the electricity tariffs for the Crimea can grow significantly, and Ukrainian radicals (leader included in "Right sector" movement "Brotherhood" Dmitry Korchinskiy and took third place in the presidential elections of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko) all called for peninsula trip on the water and light. "For water and electricity, which is now Ukraine Crimea supplies or occupants or the separatists will not be paid. Thus, water and electricity will pay for them we are with you ", - he explained his position Korchinskiy to Facebook.