Eugene Giner was the owner of Rosgosstrakh Life

Toxic president of PFC CSKA for two years kept it a secret, because "he did not want to spoil her resume."
The owner of "Rosgosstrakh of Life" Eugene Giner called himself, speaking to the staff on Thursday. The general director of the company Evgeny Gurevich introduced his employees as the president of the "CSW of life", follows from the recording of the speech made by one of the present. Giner told the staff that he was the president of the company for a year and two - the owner. Gurevich did not comment on the record, but confirmed to Vedomosti that Giner had been the president of the "CSW of life" since last year.

Last year, "CSG Life" sold policies for 53.5 billion rubles. More - only the insurer of the life of Sberbank.

Masks ripped off

"RGS Life" was created and controlled by the former owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov and his partners - life insurance can not be combined with other types of insurance. The companies had exclusive rights to sell each other's policies, their offices were in the same building. In 2016 Khachaturov sold the "CSW Life". Its owner is Alkhas Sangulia, a longtime partner and friend of Khachaturov. According to the USRLE, 100% of the "CSG life" belongs to "Life Invest" (until July 2017 was called "Redwans"). Sangulia owns 3% of "Life Invest", and 97% - Datlodix Investments, according to the Cyprus registry, owned by "Investmentprogress" Sangulia.

Khachaturov did not answer the question whether he knew, at the head of Rosgosstrakh, that Giner was the owner of the "CSW of life". Contact with Sangulia did not succeed, as with Giner. The questions sent to him in the press service of PFC CSKA, remained unanswered. The Central Bank did not comment on whether Geener's recognition became a surprise for the regulator. The central bank obliged insurers along with other participants of the financial market to disclose the structure of owners before July 2. President of the Association of Life Insurers Alexander Zaretsky did not know that Giner is the owner of the "CSW life": "The market did not have such information."

"I did not want to spoil it, so to speak, [CVS of life], because <...> I am from Ukraine, and such a fashionable word - compliance is not the best for me, so I kept hiding all the time, so that I knew less and less , so to speak, attacked the company, "Giner explained to the employees why he did not admit for two years that he was the owner of the company.

The assets of the family Evgeny Giner

In 2001, the British Bluecastle Enterprises Limited became the owner of a 49% stake in PFC CSKA, 25% - the Russian ABO-capital controlled by Bluecastle. According to Bluecastle Enterprises in 2016, it owns 100% of PFC CSKA, 60.1% of the "Sports Training Base" October "and 50% of the sports school PFC CSKA. In May 2016, Bluecastle Enterprises reported that Vadim Giner, the son of Yevgeny Giner, owns at least 75% of its shares. Before that, the company called the controlling shareholder Evgeny Giner.

In January 2017, Yevgeny Giner bought from Rostek 49% of Tekhnopromexport. It is building a TPP in Iran under a Russian export credit of 1 billion euros. According to the USRLE on October 25, 2017, it owned 65% of Technopromexport.

In February 2017, Tekhnopromexport received 25% plus one share of TNS Energo, controlled by Dmitry Arzhanov. The agreement provided for the possibility of further purchase and transfer of the stake to the authorized capital of Technopromexport within a year. In August of the same year, the energy sales company reported that Evgen Giner became the owner of 25%.

As of January 1, 2018, Evgeny Guiner owned 88.9% of the shares of the Kiev First Investment Bank (PINbank).

Connections torn

The ways of "CSG life" and "Rosgosstrakh" dispersed last year. At the end of 2016 Khachaturov agreed to exchange a loss-making insurer for a stake in the bank "FC Otkrytie". The bank became the owner of Rosgosstrakh, but in August 2017, the Central Bank took both and a number of other companies associated with FC Otkritie into its Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector. "CSG life" in the transaction was not included and the fund was not included.

In December, Mikhail Zadornov headed the FC Opening, and immediately accused former owners of Rosgosstrakh of stealing. "Rosgosstrakh" decided to break off relations with the sister company until recently. In April, "CSG life" had to urgently change the office, where soon the FSB officers came to investigate. Brother Khachaturov Sergey, a former co-owner of Rosgosstrakh, was accused of embezzlement and arrested.

"Rosgosstrakh" does not want to be associated with the "CSG life" and seeks to change its name.

Name selected

This will be done in the near future. "We have a rebranding," Giner told employees, drawing their attention to the sign. On it was written: IC "Capital Life".

The company with this name already exists: this is the former "Discovery of Life Insurance", which "RGS Life" in 2016 bought from the holding, which included FC Opening. A similar name can also be taken by the "CSG life" - to change the name to "Capital Life Life Insurance", says Gurevich. The decision to change the name "CSG life" will be taken when it considers it necessary, Gurevich asserts. "But that does not mean that we will run right now to change the name. We are called "CSG life" from the moment of foundation and for 14 years legally we have been using this brand, "he adds. The license for the use of the trademark for seven years, "RGS Life" received from "Rosgosstrakh" on August 3, 2017, follows from the registers of Rospatent.

"Rosgosstrakh" did not receive an official notification about the plans of "CSG life" to change the name, said his representative, noting that the company "will continue to assert its legal rights" to the brand. In 2018, Rosgosstrakh wants to launch its life insurer, its strategy says. As the company will be called, it is not decided yet, he says. FC Opening did not respond to the request.