EuroChem suspects former employees of kickbacks

As it became known to Forbes, Andrey Melnichenko's company filed a lawsuit against its former managers for illegal commissions from the contractors. EuroChem estimated the damage at nearly $40 million.
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The owner of "EuroChem" Andrei Melnichenko could become a victim of its unscrupulous employees. In Forbes disposal was a copy of "EuroChem" claim and the Swiss Euroshem trading, filed in December 2014 in the court of the British Virgin Islands. The defendants are former employees - Member of the Board and Director of Sales "EuroChem" Valery Rogalski (more than ten years working in the company) and Deputy Director for Sales and Marketing Dmitry Pomytkin. Among the defendants are also more than twenty companies around the world.

In "Evrokhim" declined to comment on details of the case. But the company confirmed that sued the former managers. "Former employees of" EuroChem "Rogalski and Pomytkin lost confidence in management, and with them were terminated labor relations May 12, 2014 by mutual agreement", - said the representative of "EuroChem".

"EuroChem" accuses the employees and contractors that they caused damage to the company at $ 38,440,000 essence of the claims -. Former managers in exchange for a reward give counterparties a discount when buyingfertilizer at "EuroChem". According to lawyers, "EuroChem", Rogalski and Pomytkin received commissions, for example, from Dearborn Enterprises companies ($ 1.4 million), Gianthill management ($ 1 million), iTrade Fertilisers (about $ 3 million), Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas PTE ($ 216,000; in reporting "EuroChem", the company is listed as one of the largest fertilizer purchasers). Also, the "Eurochem" is asking the court to seek in their favor $ 21.1 million with a Cypriot company Nimati International trading and $ 3.4 million from Darlow investment and Darlow Enterprises (according to the site, bamboo grows in Ghana and the Philippines). How many money can get the former managers of "EuroChem", of the claim is unclear.

Most of the companies mentioned in the lawsuit declined to comment, or their representatives could not be reached. In Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas PTE reported that the charges are without basis and they are ready to defend its position in court.

Rogalski said he learned about the lawsuit from Forbes journalist. Claims he called delirium. Contact Pomytkin yesterday failed.

Schemes where the sales managers in exchange for providing favorable conditions for buyers are compensated fairly typical, said VictorIa Kravchenko from Russia KPMG units. As a rule, recipients Commission did not disclose this and the company where they work, can suffer losses as lost profits. Prove criminal offshore schemes are extremely difficult, said partner Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov. Unleash a chain of movements of funds only by strong detectives from among former members of the security services.

"Eurochem" is not the first time the staff suspects fraud, but to prove their guilt in court can not. Previously, the company has lost a lawsuit against € 660 million in the Dutch Court of International Mineral Resources (IMR) - shareholder-contractor development Gremyachinskoe potash deposit. Company Melnichenko was trying to prove that the contractor's management gave a bribe employee "EuroChem" to hide the flaws of its technologies.