"Eurodon" did not get out from under the "Granita"

The bankruptcy of a turkey producer may require another counterparty.
As it became known to "Y-Yug", the Rostov grain trader Granit LLC is going to file an application for bankruptcy of turkey producer Evrodon LLC Vadim Vaneev because of the debt of 10 million rubles. Eurodon can not return it, referring to financial difficulties. This will be the second attempt in a month to initiate bankruptcy of the company - two weeks ago, the Moscow firm TD Trakt applied to the court with a corresponding claim (its demand is 1.7 million rubles). In total, in Rostov arbitration from March to "Eurodon" was claimed about 30 claims from its counterparties, with which he is unable to pay.

"Granit" LLC intends to apply to the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region with a petition for the recognition of Evrodon LLC as insolvent (bankrupt). This is reported on the site of the Single Federal Register of Legally Significant Information on the facts of the activities of legal entities. The message is dated August 23. The amount of debt is not specified.

In the arbitration court, the application of Granita has not yet been registered. However, in the filing cabinet of the court there is a case of recovery in its favor from "Eurodon" 9.9 million rubles. It follows from the case file that the turkey producer can not pay for the supply of wheat, maize and other components for the production of mixed fodder. In June, the arbitration court satisfied Granit's demand for debt collection from Eurodon, and on August 14 this decision was confirmed by the appellate court, after which it entered into legal force.

In the course of the trial, Granit demanded an interim measure in the form of seizure of the property and money of the turkey producer. According to the creditor, OOO Evrodon is "in a difficult financial situation, as evidenced by the presence of a large number of suits sued to it for a total amount exceeding 50 million rubles." At the same time, in the proceedings of the arbitration court there are pending cases of recovery of "significant amounts of debts" from it. This lender motivated the need to arrest the debtor's accounts, but he was refused. Representatives of "Eurodon" in court explained the inability to pay off "Granit" "temporary financial difficulties", the case materials say.

From the file of the Rostov arbitration it follows that since March there has been a massive filing of lawsuits against the "Eurodon". About 30 of its counterparties (suppliers of goods and services) demanded collection of debts for amounts ranging from several hundred to 20 million rubles. About half of the claims have already been satisfied by the court, the rest are under consideration.

It is noteworthy that Granit was not the first to show intention to bankrupt Eurodon. Two weeks ago, the Moscow JSC "TD Trakt" applied to the arbitration court to declare the turkey producer insolvent in connection with the debt of 1.7 million rubles. However, the claim was not accepted for production, due to the fact that this debt has not yet been recognized by the court.

Problems with working capital in Eurodon did not comment. In early August, the representative of the enterprise, Olga Grekova, told "Y-Yug" that because of the outbreak of avian influenza that happened this summer, Eurodon was forced to destroy 200 thousand turkey heads. The loss amounted to 160 million rubles.

Recall last week, referring to the newspaper Vedomosti, it was reported that in August Eurodon could not make another loan payment to VEB Capital (VEB's structure). According to the sources of the newspaper, the amount of payment was several hundred million rubles. VEB is considering various options for financial recovery of EuroDon, including the sale of its stake in the company (74%) to the investor concerned.

"Eurodon" was founded by businessman Vadim Vaneev. The enterprise is the second largest in terms of turkey production in Russia - in 2017 it produced 63 thousand tonnes of meat in live weight. The production was created for VEB loans. After outbreaks of bird flu in 2016 and 2017, which caused Eurodon 2.6 billion rubles. Vadim Vaneyev and VEB have agreed on the extension of the maturity of loans issued. The terms of the contract included the transfer by Mr. Vaneev of the controlling interest in Eurodon to VEB with the possibility of its return after the principal debt was repaid.