Eurodon suspended exports to the countries of the Unified Energy System

After the epidemic of avian influenza, turkey breeder Vadim Vaneev has a new misfortune: bird meat was infected with salmonella. Under suspicion of veterinarians are also farms of GC Cherkizovo, "White Bird" and Pepsico.
One of the largest Russian turkey producers, Eurodon, which lost 2.5 billion rubles in 2016-2017 because of the bird flu, closed another market. The Rosselkhoznadzor limited the supply of the company's products to the EEA countries. The reason is in contaminated salmonella meat. A similar ban can affect a number of enterprises "Cherkizovo", "White Bird" and Pepsico, where the regulator has already introduced a regime of enhanced laboratory control.

Rosselkhoznadzor reported on the introduction of temporary restrictions on the supply to the countries of the EEA of the products of GC Eurodon, one of the largest Russian producers of turkey meat. The agency explained this by re-revealing pathogenic microorganisms in the company's products, including salmonella in semi-finished products from poultry meat.

Rosselkhoznadzor spokeswoman Yulia Melano explained to Kommersant that the decision to limit the turnover of Eurodon products on the domestic market should be taken by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Consumer Protection, and the veterinary administration of the Rostov Region. In Rospotrebnadzor could not provide comments. The representative of EuroDon Olga Grekova advised to ask for explanations to the Rosselkhoznadzor: "All questions to the source (information.-" Kommersant "), in which countries and how much is prohibited."

At the end of last week, Eurodon already had to destroy 219 thousand turkeys after the outbreak of avian influenza at one of the company's sites in the Oktyabrsky district of the Rostov region, Interfax reported citing regional officials. "Eurodon" faces avian influenza is not the first time. So, at the end of 2016 and early 2017 the company scored more than 1 million poultry at 24 sites. Losses exceeded 2.5 billion rubles., The founder of Eurodon Vadim Vaneev told earlier in an interview with Kommersant.

According to the president of Agrifood Strategies Albert Davleev, the export of turkey meat is minimal and Eurodon will not incur significant losses. First of all, the high demand for turkey is preserved domestically, so manufacturers are trying to satisfy the demands of the Russian market, Mr. Davleev explains. He also notes that salmonella is found in almost all poultry meat, but only some of its species are pathogenic. "But Rospotrebnadzor does not allow the presence of any salmonella, and Rosselkhoznadzor restricts the turnover of products at one its detection, causing significant damage to the producers," the expert stresses.

Problems arose not only with Eurodon: Rosselkhoznadzor introduced a regime of enhanced laboratory control at the enterprises of other holdings, such as the White Bird-Belgorod (detection of pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonella in poultry meat), Verkhovskiy Milk Canning Plant ( lincosamides and macrolides in condensed milk), Voronezhrosagro (identification of vegetable oils and fats in butter), Pishchekhimprodukt (nitroimidazoles in honey), JSC Leningrad Cheese Factory (lincosamides in milk), JSC Siberian Agrarian Gruz "Tomskaya poultry farm" and "Borovskaya" agricultural firm (both companies have discovered quinolones in poultry meat). Under the control of the Rosselkhoznadzor was also Cherkizovsky meat processing plant, in the semi-finished products of which were found the bacteria of the Escherichia coli group, Salmonella, as well as ingredients not declared by the manufacturer. In addition, at the Timashevsky Dairy Plant (owned by Pepsico) Rosselkhoznadzor identified lincosamides.

According to Yulia Melano, now the service will check every batch of products of the listed nine enterprises.

If there are discrepancies in veterinary and sanitary requirements, the export of these products to the EEA countries will also be limited. Pepsico was told by Kommersant that they had not yet received notification from the agency about any violations. In the group "Cherkizovo" they did not respond to the query "b".