Euroset has become one of the largest creditors of Insurance Company Russia

The largest creditors of Insurance Company Russia owned by the Ukrainian millionaire Victor Pinchuk were Russian Union of Insurers, Euroset and even Gen Re owned by Warren Buffett.
In September 2013, shortly before the withdrawal of the license Insurance Company "Russia" exchanged liquid securities by 6.2 billion rubles. (Including Sberbank for 600 million rubles AHML bonds for 598 million rubles, Rosselkhozbank -.. By 512 million rubles, and the bank "Zenith" -.. At 615 million rubles), receiving in return from OOO "Depository Alliance" Cypriot company bills "Svatozar Enterprises Limited." And the bill by 1.4 billion rubles. It could pay off in a week, but on October 1, 2013, they have not been repaid, according to the analysis of the financial condition of the Insurance Company "Russia" (is in "Vedomosti"). Exchange also confirmed employees of several companies - creditors Ingosstrakh "Russian."

However, and without notes the company could easily pay for the debts, he said one of them: during the bankruptcy procedure, the bankruptcy trustee to recover property and assets of 4.1 billion rubles, and the creditors' claims to the Insurance Company "Russia" was announced at 4.9 billion. rub. He points out that the largest part of the debt (2,6 bln.) Accounted for related shareholder "Russian" group EastOne Group Ukrainian millionaire Viktor Pinchuk, the company. A total of seven, it follows fromLive Company list of creditors ( "Sheets" have): "Uaytenerdzhi Group Limited", "Tarturus Worldwide Limited", "Eriks Holding", "Platform Capital Ltd.", "Plumstead Limited", "Dadramenko Enterprises Limited" and "Service park-M. "

"We do not know in which period there was a similar scope of obligations and in the framework of what kind of deals, but as active" foreign trade "activities of Russian insurer looks very suspicious," - agrees director of the legal department of the ISC "Euro-policy" Ilya Grishin. Insurance Company "Russia" should "Euro-policy" of 4 million rubles.

Interests Group of Cypriot companies in bankruptcy "Russia" are lawyers Baker & McKenzie, know three creditors and the bankruptcy trustee representative confirms Sergey Astashkin. "As part of the procedure of bankruptcy Insurance Company" Russia "the interests of these companies are partner of Baker & McKenzie Anton Maltsev and lawyer Pavel Novikov," - confirmed the "Vedomosti" he Maltsev.

Requirements Cypriot lenders in their inclusion in the accountsth weight attempted to challenge the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA), knows one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". PCA filed objections to the "Russian" Ingosstrakh requirements creditors totaling about 2.5 billion rubles., Said the representative of the Union. PCA collapse of the "Russian" has managed to record 1.2 billion rbl., That the union had to pay for the debts of the company for the CTP. Other creditors "VimpelCom", "Bashneft", insurance companies, physical persons, international brokers.

"Euroset" requires the "Russian" 186 million rubles., It follows from the registry. The company intends to include in the amount of the debt is still 326 million rubles., Said "Vedomosti" the president of "Euroset" Alexander Malis, for the insured and for the carriage of goods stolen. "We are confused by the fact that the amount of assets of the insurance is much less than the liabilities," - said Malis. He believes that part of the creditor «Russia» can be linked together, and indicates a "series of transactions" Russia "for the exchange of liquid assets from the companies, which are now creditors." According to him, "Euroset" due to existing circum-ernments intend to prosecute the insurer's management.

"To date, the likelihood that we will get at least some money, is extremely small," - said Grishin. bankruptcy procedure is "not transparent", he laments: "Euro-policy" has not yet received notification of inclusion in the register of creditors, although the company's telephone request confirmed this fact. He is dissatisfied with any work of the bankruptcy trustee, nor the efficacy of actions it has taken, or quality of information about its next steps and stages of bankruptcy.

Interests arbitration manager Insurance Company "Russia" Vladimir attacks in court is a former company lawyer Sergei Astashkin, said one of the creditors, with the previously sudivshiysya Insurance Company "Russia" and face Astashkina in court. This confirms a lawyer Forward Legal Elmira Kondratieva, representing the interests of "Euroset" is no accident that in the bankruptcy Insurance Company is a group of very large creditors who by their share of control over this bankruptcy, their interests in court are one and the Welllawyers, and it is possible that behind them there is one person.

Astashkin in the conversation confirmed "Vedomosti" that was previously a staff lawyer "Russia." He said he was surprised by the claims of creditors, "all the provisions and the necessary steps to return the funds received, claims submitted to the court." He points out that the claims of creditors accepted the arbitration court and the bankruptcy trustee did put - include them in the register. "If other creditors are in doubt, they can participate in the process and file objections, as did, for example, X-ray diffraction", - says Astashkin. "As far as our claim and application requirements, it was unbiased and objective" - ​​confirms the general director of a creditor of the company with foreign capital.

Contact the attack failed, the representative EastOne Group Pinchuk Foundation, which belonged to the "Russia", did not respond to the request "Vedomosti".