Euroset may cease to exist in the next year

This will happen if MegaFon will accept the offer of VimpelCom.
The decision to divide the "Euroset" can be taken before the end of the year, said a person familiar with the top managers of the shareholders (the "Vympelcom" and "Megaphone" by 50%). "VimpelCom" sent "MegaFon" offer to sign the documents before December 24, 2016, knows a person close to the retailer.

According to both, it is proposed to divide the salons and debt (one of the sources said about 15 billion rubles) between operators, and the brand "Euroset" to eliminate in a year. According to one of them, there is a scheme which will depart salons "VimpelCom" and which - "MegaFon". A person close to the retailer, stresses that this is only a proposal by one shareholder, conversations, and as such the proposal "Megaphone" will not accept. In particular, it is necessary to change the partitioning scheme debt to shareholders, he said.

shareholder agreement on the division of "Euroset" has not been achieved, according to its president Alexander Malis.

The shareholders of "Euroset" started thinking about her separation, it was announced in May, and the initiator of this time, and then spoke of "VimpelCom", knows close to the "Euroset" people. Operators feel better monobrand retail conditionally independent network lost its meaning, then explained the source "Vedomosti". According to another, the business of "Euroset" came into conflict with the objectives of operators: basic earnings "Euroset" give phones, operators task - contracts with subscribers.

"Megafon" I would like to keep the brand "Euroset", said a person close to the partner of "Vympelcom", but to do so he will need to take over the entire debt of the company, according to the familiar top-managers of the shareholders of "Euroset". A "Megaphone" is already paid for half of "Euroset" is much larger than it is now, and take on new responsibilities statement, or rather its owner does not wish to, he explains.

"VimpelCom" bought 49.9% of "Euroset" for $ 226 million in 2008 from Alexander Mamut, who - at the 100% founder Yevgeny Chichvarkin. In December 2012, the remaining Mamut sold for $ 1.07 billion: 0.1% bought "VimpelCom" 25% - "Megaphone" and Garsdale Alisher Usmanov with partners. Share Garsdale passed "MegaFon" in July 2014

"Euroset-Retail", the company that manages a network of salons "Euroset", according to "SPARK-Interfax", received in 2015 RAS net profit 1.48 billion rubles. The same number in the report of "Megaphone".

Revenue "Euroset-Retail" in 2015 amounted to 58.3 billion rubles, 20.7% less than in 2014, due to the decision not to sell Samsung devices (bringing it to 54% of revenues from handsets and smartphones) , explained earlier by the representative of the retailer. Representatives of "Vympelcom" and "Megaphone" declined to comment.