"Even in Israel, I fear for my life"

The Simonovsky Court of Moscow received the case file against the former deputy chairman of "Mira-Bank" Anna Atkin, who is accused of embezzling 3.3 billion rubles.
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There will be a trial in absentia, since Anna Atkin flew from prosecution and was declared wanted. Atkin, who now lives in Israel, said to "Rosbalt" that she was innocent and feared for her life. Previously, there was an assassination attempt in Moscow, when businessman Andrei Burlakov was killed.

The first time the court tried to convict Anna in the end of 2012. Then the materials on theft of 3.3 billion rubles were received by the Simonovsky court, but the defendant was on bail of 5 million rubles, and never attended the hearing. As a result, the case was returned without consideration to the prosecutor's office, and then to the investigators. Atkin was declared wanted, and at the end of July 2013 the investigation materials were re-sent to the Simonovsky court. This time it is planned to reach a verdict in absentia. The case has already been transferred to judge Buluchevskaya, but the preliminary hearing date has not yet been set.

On the eve of consideration by the court investigation materials the correspondent of "Rosbalt" talked with Anna Atkin. "I'm as before continue to insist on his innocence - he said the agency formerly zampre"Mira Bank". - In the near future will be sent a claim to the ECHR on the illegality of my prosecution, "said Atkin, Prosecutor General's Office sent a request for her extradition from Israel, but to no avail.." The legislation of Israel provides for the automatic issuance for violent crimes I did not commit - Atkin said. - Consideration of these requests is the responsibility of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel, if I'm here for more than half a year, then make your conclusions yourself "She said that she and her ex-ex-head." Bank of Moscow "Andrey Borodin prepares and major civil lawsuit." The details of this lawsuit I have to comment on the date of its delivery would not want to ", - said the agency interlocutor.

Earlier, a source of "Rosbalt" said the law enforcement agencies that do not understand how Atkin could escape from Russia, since autumn 2011, it is almost everywhere accompanied by armed fighters of special forces - as a person who is under state protection. Etkin was assigned to the Guard after the crime committed on September 292011 in the restaurant "The farm" on Leningradsky Prospekt. To the table, behind which sat Anna and former deputy director of the "Financial Leasing Company" (FLC) Andrei Burlakov, the killer approached and opened fire with a pistol. Burlakov bullets hit in the head, chest and shoulder. Anna Atkin was wounded in the face, her jaw was shattered. Ricochet Bullet has got into the woman's chest. Burlakov died in the car, "first aid". Etkin was hospitalized in serious condition, doctors were able to save her life.

Anna herself said "Rosbalt" that under goszaschitu it did not take. "I was accompanied by employees of the center, special purpose Interior Ministry, who worked under the contract to protect their services paid for my Israeli friends, -. Said Atkin -. And then, and now I fear for my life, as" customers "to assassinate me and not set . in my address threats keep coming, I recently wrote in detail about this in an address to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. "

Twelfth in September 2012 on suspicion of resident Doug was arrested in attempted murder and Atkin BurlakovMagomed Micheal mill. Killer in it identified itself Atkin. The interviewee familiar with the situation previously told me that as soon as the case against Etkin received by the court, she suddenly changed testimony, claiming innocence Michilova the crime. As a result, in December 2012 he was released. A Atkin, despite accompanying her everywhere commandos, left Russia and moved to Israel. "These two events are connected with each other", - he claimed the source agency.

"The situation with the consequence Michilovym was staged to divert attention from the true crime of customers - now claims Etkin -. My opinion is that it is a crime committed not Micheal".

According to investigators, in 2007-2009 FLC leadership suddenly decided on a preferential basis to issue loans for 2.7 billion rubles to two companies - "IR SOUTH" and "Investment leasing company."

The registration of the transaction attended by former top managers of the "World Bank" (he Central Bank revoked the license in 2008), including the Atkin and money, according to sledovatwhether, went to the accounts of Luxembourg FLC West Holding. There is, according to law enforcement officials, we received more than 400 million rubles stolen from FLC.

FLC West Holding was once established as a "daughter" of Russian FLC, and its CEO is Andrey Burlakov. In most FLC it at the time of the transaction he served as deputy director.

On the part of the funds derived from the FLC, FLC West Holding bought the Norwegian company Aker Yards shipyards in Germany and Ukraine. On the basis of these assets acquired almost 300 million euros, the company Wadan Yards was created, where Andrey Burlakov took over as chairman of the board and former deputy chairman of the "World Bank" Anka Atkin became a Vice President of Finance.

Andrey Burlakov left FLC in November 2008, and a year later GUS in the Moscow police and announced his Etkin wanted on fraud charges. Couple arrested in December 2009. In the summer of 2010, the court agreed to release Etkin bail of 5 million rubles, and Burlakov - 50 million rubles.

While Burlakov was in jail, the shipyard has bought the Swiss company Nordic Yards, controlled by Vitaly Yusufovy (son of the former president's special representative on energy cooperation Igor Yusufov). "Yussufov laid the shipyard in the Bank of Moscow and the loan obtained there bought Borodin its stake in the bank loan shipyard were estimated at 950 million dollars (estimate and business plan is)." - Said "Rosbalt" Etkin, explaining why she will submit joint lawsuit with Borodin.

As previously told "Rosbalt" friends Burlakov, he was once a friend of Vitaly Yusufov, but after his release from jail Andrei their relationship deteriorated sharply.

For a month before the murder Burlakov wrote a statement on the initiation of criminal proceedings against Vitaly Yusufov and tried to seize his assets.