Evgeny Giner beat off lawsuit "Rosgossrah" on 150 billion rubles

The insurance company lost the lawsuit Capital Life.
Rosgosstrakh, which went together with the Otkritie FC, which was being reorganized, to the Consolidation Fund of the Banking Sector of the Central Bank, failed to recover about 150 billion rubles from the former CWG Life. for using your brand. The Moscow Arbitration Court at a meeting on Monday denied Rosgosstrakh a lawsuit, Judge Olga Nikonova said. The decision may be appealed to the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal.

The representative of the plaintiff at the end of the meeting said that the company would appeal the decision. Rosgosstrakh does not agree with the decision of the court and will appeal against it, the insurer's official representative confirmed. The representative of the defendant told Vedomosti that he considers the decision of the court “fair and reasonable”. “We are fully satisfied with the court decision today, in which the court found all claims on the RGS Life brand and the corresponding trademarks invalid,” Yevgeny Giner, President Life Capital Life Insurance, told Vedomosti through its representative.

In early June, Rosgosstrakh sued the CSG Life (renamed Capital Life Insurance since September 3) for RUB 116.6 billion. (the Central Bank and Rospatent were attracted as third parties), in which they challenged the contract for using the RGS Life brand. The plaintiff believes that the trademark agreement concluded under the previous owner of Rosgosstrakh is unfair and damages Rosgosstrakh, misleads clients and the Central Bank and does not correspond to commercial reality. For the use of the RGS Life trademark, Rosgosstrakh pays less than 1 million rubles a year, “these are mere pennies,” a company representative complained.

The representative of FC Otkritie said that he supported the position of Rosgosstrakh. Vedomosti is awaiting comments from the representative of the Central Bank.

Licensing agreements between Rosgosstrakh and RGS Life have been active for more than 12 years, the last of which was signed in February 2017 and was registered at Rospatent on August 3, 2017, i.e. a few weeks before The owner of Rosgosstrakh became the Central Bank. At the court hearing in October, Rosgosstrakh announced an increase in the amount of the claim to 148.8 billion rubles. PFC CSKA President Yevgeny Giner, who in April called himself the owner of the CWG Life, called the increase in the size of the claim another absurdity.

In October, Rospatent deprived Rosgosstrakh of exclusive rights to the RGS Life trademark. As a result of considering the appeal of the RGS Life, Rospatent decided that the RGS Life has an exclusive right to the company name, since the company began to work under it since it was founded in 2004, while Rosgosstrakh became the trademark right holder much later , in 2010, Rosgosstrakh will appeal the decision of Rospatent, promised the representative of the insurer.

RGS Life was established in 2004 by the former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov and his partners, and he controlled the company. In 2016, Khachaturov sold the insurer to a friend and partner Alkhas Sangulii, and Rosgosstrakh agreed to exchange it for a share in Otkritie FC, but never received it. In August 2017, the Central Bank took for the rehabilitation of Otkritie FC, and with it Rosgosstrakh. Rosgosstrakh Life did not participate in this, but the new CEO of Otkritie FC, Mikhail Zadornov, expressed the hope that the life insurer would return to the group.