Evgeny Giner was banned from selling real estate "RGS of Life"

Such interim measures on the claim of "RGS real estate" for 1.9 billion rubles was accepted by the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
The Arbitration Court of the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region banned the "CSG life" to alienate a number of real estate objects, follows from the court's ruling. These are provisional measures for the suit of the bankrupt company RGS Real Estate. They apply to 87 real estate objects "RGS life" with a total area of ​​5600 sq. M. m and the cost of 752.8 million rubles. The Rosreestr Administration in St. Petersburg is prohibited from registering with this property.

"This decision does not affect the company's core business. A number of transactions for the acquisition of real estate were committed in 2016-2017. for investment purposes on absolutely market conditions, and claims on them today we consider untenable. "CSW Life" will defend its interests in court, "- said the press service of" RGS Life. "

"CSG real estate" on June 26 filed a lawsuit against "CSG life" for 1.9 billion rubles. It disputes the purchase in the first half of 2016 of a complex of buildings in Kaliningrad. The representative of the insurer explained the transaction by investment purposes, emphasizing that it was concluded on market terms. "As far as we understand, the filing of this claim is a formal procedure for challenging the transactions of a bankrupt company, which is implemented by the bankruptcy trustee appointed to the" RGS real estate, "he said.

 A little earlier, in June 2018, a lawsuit against "RGS life" for 116.6 billion rubles. Rosgosstrakh filed an application with the Moscow Arbitration Court. He disputes the contract for the use of the insurer's brand, concluded with the previous owner. The CEO of the CSW of Life, Yevgeny Gurevich, said that by the end of 2018 the company plans to rebrand and change its name to Capital Life Life Insurance.

In late May, the president of FC CSKA Yevgeny Giner declared himself the owner of the "CSW life": according to him, he owns the insurer since November 2015. However, in the international reporting, the beneficiary of "CSW Life" on December 31, 2017 and December 31, 2016 was named Alhas Sangulia.

 "CSG Life" was established in 2004 by the former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov and his partners, he controlled the company. In 2016 Khachaturov sold the insurer to his friend and partner Alhas Sangulia, and Rosgosstrakh agreed to exchange for a stake in the bank of FC Otkritie, but never received it. In August 2017, the Central Bank took the rehabilitation of FC Otkritie, and together with it, Rosgosstrakh. "CSG life" did not participate in the transaction, but Mikhail Zadornov, the new directorate of FC Opening, expressed the hope that the life insurer would return to the group.

In January, the Moscow Arbitration Court found the "RGS real estate" bankrupt and opened a bankruptcy proceedings against the company. The contest manager was Denis Kachura. The amount of obligations of the "CSG real estate" was 27.9 billion rubles., Follows from the court ruling.

The company also actively occupied the debt market: it placed bonds for a total of 24.5 billion rubles., Follows from the document. Since the middle of last year, "RGS real estate" defaulted on nine issues of ruble bonds, its reports say. "RGS real estate" is the property of "Holding Company Opening".