Ex-head of the NGO "Cosmos" Andrei Chernyakov deprived of oil, wine and villas near Florence

The list of Andrei Chernyakov's losses sounds directly poetic: a bamboo grove, an olive orchard, a vineyard, and an old (15th century) mansion attached to them.
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The list of the losses of Andrei Chernyakov sounds directly poetic: a bamboo grove, an olive orchard, a vineyard, as well as an antique (15th century) mansion attached to them ... All this was taken from the former head of the NGO Kosmos - through the court, naturally, creditors from Bank of Moscow. The total amount, which is estimated located near Florence real estate - 14.5 million euros.

Counteract the "invaders"

Andrei Chernyakov is quite difficult: an outgoing businessman is hiding from both Russian and British justice. Meanwhile, the creditors who, according to the court decision, received control of the estate, are preparing to let Chernyakov's Italian assets go under the hammer. In a five-storey villa called IL Poderino (15 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a total area of ​​2,2 thousand squares), Andrey Chernyakov invested a lot: he restored the mansion and adjacent buildings, planted a grove, a garden and a vineyard on 4 hectares of land, equipped a swimming pool, and An ancient well surrounded the statues. All this, as the "Kommersant" clarifies, is already being wanted. I counted on defending the property and later, together with my son, to continue the production of olive oil and wine under the brand name Andrey Torner e figlio David. Over the past two years, the villa was handed over several times from hand to hand - the court then made a decision in favor of creditors, then again returned the property to the Russian owner.

The London court put the point in the dispute: in July 2017, he, according to the Bank of Moscow, passed a decision recognizing the former head of NPO Kosmos bankrupt. Accordingly, competitive managers were appointed for all of its assets. In September, the court granted the statement of representatives of the Bank of Moscow on the recognition of the powers of British managers in Italy. On October 12, the contest managers entered the gates of IL Poderino for the first time, and on November 7, the property inventory began. As a result, even the delicacies of oil and wine stored in the cellars of the estate passed to the creditors. At the same time, the managers ordered to change all the locks: by a total score of several dozen.

According to the estimates of the real estate agency Sotheby `s, the cost of the IL Poderino estate is at least 14.5 million euros. It will be known exactly after the managers and bailiffs finish the inventory of property - in a couple of weeks. Personal things Chernyakov, remaining in the villa, presumably, will be transferred to charitable organizations. Bidding, respectively, will take place in the first half of 2018. The yacht "Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called", which awaits its fate in the Bay of Poets in the Italian town with the fragrant name La Spezia, will also go with the hammer. The boat is estimated at 5.5 million.
Let us remind you that Andrey Chernyakov's debts to the Bank of Moscow amount to over 30 billion rubles: the ex-head of the NGO Kosmos acted as a personal guarantor for the loans the enterprise received for completing the Alabian-Baltic tunnel. Russian law enforcement officers are looking for him in connection with the credit fraud associated with the same bank. While the search is under way, the creditors managed to obtain through London judges the confiscation and sale of property of Chernyakov located on the territory of Britain. And after the High Court of London in absentia sentenced Chernyakov to two years in prison for contempt of justice: the businessman, contrary to the order of the court, disclosed not all of his assets, trying to hide part of the property.

The press service of the VTB Group (the Bank of Moscow refers to this) reports that "VTB will continue to sell Chernyakov's arrested assets as part of the repayment of the debts of the NGO Kosmos to the bank." In turn, among other things, apartments in Dubai worth about 1 million dollars.