Ex-lieutenant colonel of the FSB Ruslan Gagoev admitted his guilt in an attempt to rob Yuri Glotser

The criminal lawyer concluded a deal with the investigation and was released from the SIZO for house arrest.
A criminal figure about the attempted raider seizure of the Moscow shopping center "Galleria Aquarius" belonging to the family of producer Yuri Glotzer, "a retired lieutenant colonel of the FSB, now lawyer Roland Gagoev pleaded guilty and concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement. After that, Mr. Gagoev, at the request of the investigation, was released by the court from the SIZO under house arrest.

According to Kommersant's information, Roland Gagoev concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement with the Prosecutor's Office of the Southern District of Moscow on June 29, after which the Russian Investigative Committee applied to the court for the transfer of the retired lieutenant-colonel of the FSB from the detention center for house arrest. As sources say, "Kommersant", this was part of the terms of the deal. In the Chertanovskiy District Court of Moscow, where the investigative motion was examined, Mr. Gagoev's lawyer confirmed that her client had already given confessions, including those exposing the members of the criminal group, under the agreement. As a result, the defendant was sent under house arrest, under which he would be in his apartment (High Street, 1).

As previously reported to "Kommersant", Roland Gagoev was detained in mid-June this year, along with his acquaintance, lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik. Both SRF considers members of the criminal group, which since 2016 tried to illegally seize the property of the family of the famous producer Yuri Glotzer. Lawyers Gagoyev and Skrypnik are charged with an attempt on fraud in a particularly large amount (Article 30 and part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to investigators, two years ago Konstantin Skrypnik worked out a plan for fraud and attracted his acquaintances - Mr. Gagoev, former Chekist Andrei Chumanov, businessman Gleb Privalov and others. First of all, the group was interested in the capital of the shopping center "Gallery Aquarius" located on the Orekhovoi Boulevard, worth $ 30 million. To carry out the plan, the investigators said, the attackers produced a fake power of attorney allegedly issued on September 1, 2014 by the general director of OOO Yugra Ltd., to which officially belongs to "Aquarius". According to this paper, Gleb Privalov allegedly received the right to manage the squares of the shopping center. Then, on the basis of the power of attorney, it is said in the case, the defendants produced a number of other financial documents, from which it followed that in 2014 the lawyer Skrypnik allegedly acquired a part of "Aquarius" and even deposited a deposit of 165.6 million rubles into the account of Yugra. The guarantor of the transaction, according to the papers prepared by the defendants, was the retired captain of the FSB Chumanov. At the same time, a separate clause in the treaty indicated that all disputes arising between the parties should be resolved in the Gudermes City Court of Chechnya. Using this item, Konstantin Skrypnik and Andrey Chumanov in May 2016 filed in Gudermes lawsuits, according to which the owners of "Aquarius" allegedly failed to comply with the terms of the contract and must pay a penalty of almost 2 billion rubles. The Gudermes court found the claims lawful and seized the shopping center, but the defendants did not manage to fully take control of it.

Representatives of Yuri Glotzer in the summer of 2016 appealed to law enforcement agencies. Initially, the case was conducted by the Moscow Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, but when it turned out that attorneys with special status as a lawyer could be involved in the scam, the materials were transferred to the investigation department of the SKR in the Southern District of the capital.

It should be noted that until recently no one was arrested in the case: Gleb Privalov, in particular, was charged in absentia, and his attempt to detain him in Gudermes near the local court ended in an attack by armed unidentified persons on investigators from Moscow. And the retired captain of the FSB Andrey Chumanov has already been convicted in Volgograd of another fraud case. Now the situation may change: the victims in the case expect that the testimony of Roland Gagoev will give an opportunity to prosecute the customers and the failed scam.