Ex-wife of Igor Sechin, Marina, can finish "Kutuzov mile"

She became a co-owner of the developer management company of the controversial project.
The ex-wife of the CEO of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, Marina became the main shareholder of JSC "UK" Management ", which, in turn, is the management company of the builder of a residential neighborhood" Triumphant "(earlier -" Kutuzov mile ") - CJSC" FTSSR ". This was reported by "RIA Novosti", citing sources in the real estate market. According USRLE UK "Management" from January 2016 truly manages by FTSSR.

In fact FTSSR controlled by Sechin confirmed a person close to FTSSR, and an official of the Moscow government. According to them, now it is the Chairman of the Board of Directors FTSSR. In addition, the company "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy", one of the beneficiaries which also Sechin became the contractor "Triumphant" project, they added. According to the register, from 2015 through the number of companies Sechin is a co-owner of "Kosmosaviaspetsstroya". Contact Sechin and founder FTSSR Peter Ivanov yesterday failed.

Quarter "Triumphant" in Davydkovo district - one of the most controversial protracted Moscow.2005 FTSSR raised as an investor company "Avanta", which at that time was part of Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky. Partners plan to build a total of 921,000 square meters. m, giving it $ 1.6 billion. Partners have begun construction of two complexes, but in the crisis of 2008 the project was shelved. FTSSR unilaterally terminated the contract with the "Avanti", the latter tried to challenge it in court. The proceedings between the parties, according to data on the website of the Arbitration Court of Moscow, not finished yet. Due to the freezing of the project, in 2012 criminal proceedings were instituted against Polonsky. The investigation considered that the preliminary contracts for the sale of apartments is not consistent with the design documentation in the quarter, and the money went, including to other projects (the "Federation" tower in Moscow, Astra Montenegro in Montenegro).

Finish the quarter trying different companies. In 2011, the parties agreed to attract as an investor company MSM-5, but the deal never took place. Then FTSSR attracted as a contractor of the project company GVSU "Center", in which the list of affiliated persons include Aarcade style, and Boris Rotenberg. Representative GVSU "Center" yesterday was unavailable for journalists.

Sechin has not yet been seen on the market residential real estate development. "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" specializes in the construction of industrial and infrastructure facilities should be of the card company to "SPARK-Interfax". He was engaged in the reconstruction of their research center. Keldysh, he participated in the construction of space communication center "Bear Lake" and airport extreme at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. According to the Moscow-based Court of Arbitration company "Engineering Systems" June 9, 2016 has filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy "Kosmosaviaspetsstroya", it will be reviewed in September.

Interests Sechin are not limited to the construction: before it became known that she is a co-owner of the Vologda agricultural holding, which unites several poultry farms, pig farms and a dairy farm. "Kommersant" newspaper also reported that it owns a stake in the company for the production of finished and tinned meat products of LLC "Parity Vyatka". In early 2014 Sechinacquired a 51% "Ekzekt Partners Group", working at the business market, training and HR-consulting, after the company signed an agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. Previously, she was also a shareholder of the company "RK-Telecom" - a systems integrator serving the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Emergency Situations.