Family tenets

Businesses of the Patrushev family: from wood exports to selling Russia's coffers out. 
"Novaya Gazeta" continues to explore businesses first persons and their relatives. Today we will speak about Alexei Patrushev - nephew of the main enforcer of Russia Nikolay Patrushev. Seven Security Council secretary may be considered a classic example of modern Russian elite. Nikolai Patrushev, the sons are working in state-owned companies: senior Dmitry - Rosselkhozbank Chairman of the Board; Andrew Jr. recently became deputy general director for development of offshore projects, "Gazprom Neft", and before that worked as an advisor Igor Sechin in "Rosneft". About nephew Patrushev, until recently, almost nothing was known. However, we were able to find businesses related to Alexei Patrushev. Some of them, such as the export of coniferous forests of Karelia, had problems with the law and faced charges of tax evasion taxes. Others, such as the sale of meat and vegetable growing, thriving, including through the support of related Rosselkhozbank.

Alexey Patrushev 45 years, he - the son of Victor Patrushev, the genustion brother Security Council. Familiar Alexei Patrushev talk about it as an open and cheerful person. "He - the soul of any company. As it can not be said that it belongs to one of Russia's most influential families. There are no billion there. A good, simple man, "- says one friend Patrushev.

If you look at the company, which owns directly Alexei Patrushev, the billions not really discover. But just a month ago, the arbitration court of Northwest district put an end to the seemingly unremarkable process between the 5th Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Karelia and the company "Lahdenpohsky LPH". Alexey Patrushev is on the board of directors of this company.

The dispute between the tax authorities and LESPROMKhOZ arose from the really small amount - a few million rubles. But the value of this process in the other. To prove that is not the most significant violation, the tax authorities had to conduct a thorough investigation - to examine the bank accounts of dozens of companies to question their directors and founders, hold SMOsrkovedcheskie examination ... The results of this investigation were presented to the court, so that we have the opportunity to consider the businesses Patrushev and his partner in every detail, down to the bank postings. Following the money, we have companies have billion dollar.

Exports of forest

In late March, Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev found another threat to the sovereignty of Russia. "Against the background of anti-Russian rhetoric on the part of Western countries witnessed an increase in nationalist and revanchist political organizations in Finland. Increases their impact through a number of local NGOs on the population of Karelia ", - Patrushev warned for which Karelia - birthplace: in the early 90's, he headed the Ministry of the republic's security.

Coincidentally "Lahdenpohsky LPH", whose board of directors includes a nephew Alexey Patrushev, engaged in logging just in Karelia. 80% of the company's products, mainly spruce and pine, it is exported to Finland.

As an exporter, and LPHSometimes applied to the tax authorities statements of VAT reimbursement. Because one of these requirements (8.8 million) in 2013 and the company has a dispute with the tax authorities.

Representatives of the 5th tax inspection checked the timber industry suppliers and found that some of them could not provide services or supply goods to the enterprise. The companies lacking the necessary equipment, the directors of some companies have denied any involvement in their activities, and examination confirmed that the signatures of these people forged on documents. The movement of money on the accounts of the individual suppliers and inspectors led to "cashing": money was transferred to individuals the cards to the polls said that these cards never owned and money with them filmed.

These signs point to the typical scheme of tax evasion, the chairman of the Bar Association "Law Attorney Vash" Konstantin Trapaidze. "This is a primitive scheme of understating profits - says Trapaidze. - Let's say you have a product costs $ 100. You sell it for 150. Your profit - 50 rubles,Otori, you must pay the tax. But in order to artificially reduce profits and tax, you sign a contract with a fictitious one-day firms for the supply of goods - say, 20 rubles. These products, in reality does not come. But you have increased your expenses, your profit is now - 30 rubles. Accordingly, smaller and tax. "

According Trapaidze money listed Transient through fictitious contracts, then, as a rule, they are cashed or taken abroad. A one-day firms themselves are eliminated.

Sergey Odinokov, who worked at that time the director of "Lahdenpohja Forestry Administration" does not agree with such accusations. Odinokov said that all the work that challenged the tax actually been implemented. According Odinokova, problems have arisen due to the fact that the partners of their suppliers improperly filed tax returns and draw up documents. "Track who hire vendors, whether they serve authentic declaration and the more one has to buy the goods, there is no technical capability, nor legal basis", - says alone.

Nevertheless Lespromhouseholds fully fulfilled the requirements of the tax back in 2013 and only then decided to challenge these claims in court. But the court sided with the tax authority.

As for Alexei Patrushev, then, according to Odinokova, he did not carry out the operational management of the enterprise. "Alexey Viktorovich was one of the five board members. Activities of the Board has been associated with the annual shareholders' meetings, including the recommendations on the allocation of funds for social and charity - helping veterans, retirees, incentives for workers. "


The main shareholder of "Lahdenpohja LPH" was until 2014 the company from St. Petersburg "TD Agro-Line." "Agro-line" - one of the largest operators in the market of raw meat in Russia. Its turnover in 2013 amounted to nearly 10 billion rubles. This company is also indirectly related to Alexei Patrushev.

He speaks of "Agro-line" Alla Hramtsova. As we found out, "Novaya Gazeta", she - Aunt longtime partner and good friend Alexei Patrushev Maksim Hramtsova. temples with Patrushev - co-owners of the company "Zemmashstroy". (Shares in the same company owns and Dmitry Agalyamov Assistant permanent Security Council member Russia Boris Gryzlov.)

In Hramtsova there are other intersections with Patrushev family. For example, he and Viktor Patrushev (father and brother Alexei Security Council Secretary) are included in the non-commercial partnership "Supporting youth sports and helping children."

Prosperity "Agro-line" help a lot of state and government structures. For example, the "Agro-Line" - one of the largest buyers Rosrezerva products. Rosrezerv - one of the most closed Russian authorities. The agency is engaged in the formation and storage of reserves in case of war or emergencies. The goods - from corned beef to the petroleum products - are stored in special warehouses or mills. Rosrezerv - one of the largest government customers, but the information on who it sells its products in the public domain can not be found: this information is a state secret.

How "Agro-line" couldenter into the closed, secret pool of buyers of products from the bins Motherland? Maxim Hramtsov declined to comment for this article; contact with his aunt, the official director of the "Agro-Line" was not possible - it is a business trip.

It Helps "Agro-line" and the Agricultural Bank, which is headed by a cousin Alexei Patrushev Dmitry. In 2012 the company "All Year Round" (its ultimate owner is the same Maxim Hramtsov) launched in Pikalevo greenhouse complex, where grown cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, green.

Director General of the "Round of the Year" Alexander Strashnov told "Novaya Gazeta" that greenhouse complex - is only realized project of those that thought to overcome the socio-economic crisis in mono. According Strashnova, the project used modern technologies of growing vegetables year-round, successfully tested in the Nordic countries. "All year round" monthly produces up to 500 tons. The company, as a terrible says, provides jobs and decent wages in excess of 150 residents Peakeva.

The total investment in the first phase of the project amounted to about 2 billion rubles, of which 1.6 billion - credit Rosselkhozbank. Li said the bank's decision to finance the project kinship?

Press office of Rosselkhozbank has not responded to this question, saying only, "Novaya Gazeta" that the project "is fully consistent with the goals and objectives of the bank to ensure the import of agricultural products is an important step in the development of infrastructure Pikalevo."

Strashnov Alexander assured us that Alexei Patrushev has no relation to the company's "Year Round" and did not assist it in obtaining a loan.

De jure Patrushev really has nothing to do with the "round the year" - the company owned by his partner Maksim Hramtsov. However, according to Elena Panfilova, the vice-president of Transparency International, for the determination of conflicts of interest and other important affiliates that can benefit from familiarity with the official or his relatives. "But these benefits need to prove. It is necessary to see whether the received affiliateItza loans more frequently than others; were there any special conditions; Were there situations when others refused, and they were given; what they received rate compared to the rest. In such situations it is very important to prove the existence of preferences, "- said Panfilov.

General Director of "Round of the Year" Alec Sandro Strashnov assured that no preference was not a loan obtained at market conditions - for eight years at 13.5% per annum.

Alexey Patrushev refused to meet with "Novaya Gazeta" and to comment for this article.