Family version appeared in charges to Shalva Chigirinsky

The former wife of a businessman is suspected of falsifying evidence against him.
In the US, the court in the city of Stamford (Connecticut), charged with committing acts "entailed the risk of harm to minors and their moral decay", was charged with the former wife of prominent businessman Shalva Chigirinsky Tatiana Panchenkova. She pleaded not guilty and demanded a jury trial. Recall Shalva Chigirinsky in the United States has recently appeared in court on charges of impermissible contact with a minor, but can now be found that this charge rigged former wife of billionaire.

Shalva Chigirinsky and Tatiana Panchenkova married about six years, a divorce in 2009, and finally parted a year later. Since then, the former couple is loud, even for US litigation. This year, property and family disputes relating to matters of guardianship, quite unexpectedly moved into the criminal plane. In March, once one of the largest Russian developers Chigirinsky was charged with "obscene touches to his own daughter." In court, the businessman said he was innocent. From the case filesPanchenkova Tatiana follows that charges against 66-year-old billionaire, may be false.

The prosecution Tatiana Panchenkova, announced on Friday in court, put forward on the basis of police testimony of Sergeant Mark Zatserelly town of Greenwich. The record states that Panchenkova manipulating their children to excite their hatred towards own father Shalva Chigirinsky. In the former spouses, four young children - daughters 15, 10 and 8 years old and eight year old son. Litigation over the custody of them stretches so far. Indications on the basis of which has been previously issued a warrant for the arrest of Tatiana Panchenkova (court released her freedom without bail pending a verdict), in particular, based on the conclusion of the psychologist Arnold Shaynvolda, which was brought in as an expert. The report, prepared in February 2016, stated on the 75th page of that "Tatiana Panchenkova should cease actions inciting children to her ex-husband." The report says the psychologist that her daughter and son were subjected to "a significant negative impact heightazyvany about my father, "in particular a witness claimed to have heard the mother told the children that his father" stole money from her, beat her, and very dangerous. " Note that in the framework of the proceedings of the trusteeship, it was found that the children were instructed in advance Panchenkova like to answer questions about his father in the process. As it turned out, the regular application of children of poor care of them during their stay at the father are untrue or greatly exaggerated. A detachment of the eldest daughter of the businessman is largely explained by the fact that from an early age his mother inspired her that Shalva Chigirinsky not native her father.

Mr. Chigirinsky Protection believes that the ex-wife in all judicial proceedings led by greed. "The problem lies in the fact that Panchenkova fraudulently stole from Shalva Chigirinsky works of art and other valuables worth more than $ 100 million and manipulated children, cultivating their hatred for his father to keep the stolen" - said in a written comment "b" George's lawyer Benaur. These are filedShalva Chigirinsky th June 2014 lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on the return of property, which is under consideration.

It remains to add that in 2012, Tatiana Panchenkova filed in Connecticut claim for compensation for $ 2 million for alleged systematic beating, which she had been since 2001, but the jury unanimously denied her. That same year, the former wife of billionaire filed in the US claim for payment of her 354 million rubles., Awarded by a Russian court in the division of property. According to "Kommersant" lawyer Benaur, businessman defense produced evidence in court that this money has already been paid Panchenkova.

Stamford Court scheduled a hearing on the case of Tatiana Panchenkova accused under Art. 5321 Criminal Code of the State of Connecticut, on June 30th. Contact her lawyer Mariano Charles could not - he did not call back for abandoned his secretary phone number. If his client is found guilty, she could face up to ten years imprisonment.