Farhad Akhmedov threw golden weights off his feet

Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmedov agreed to give his ex-wife about 15% of his fortune. This is three times less than the amount that the court awarded her five years ago.
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The businessman, who until now refused payments, said that he was now "completely free", and his ex-wife "was left at a broken trough."

Billionaire Farhad Akhmedov has agreed to pay ex-wife Tatyana Akhmedova about £ 150m ($ 207m) to settle the UK's most expensive divorce. This follows from the statement of Akhmedov's lawyers, which Forbes has.

Now, in the dispute over the division of the Akhmedovs' property, “absolutely all the dots have been put on the i's,” the businessman told Forbes through a representative. He stressed that his ex-wife should not have gone to court, much less work with the greedy businessmen from Burford Capital, the company that paid her legal fees.

“Tatiana was ruled by greed and stupidity. What she has left will not work. Her reputation is ruined, she quarreled with her sons, burned bridges with me. Here's the bottom line. Greed breeds poverty. Now I am completely free, and this is more important than any money, ”Akhmedov said. He added that he has "three little angel children, for their sake it is worth living, creating, working, earning, and she [Tatiana] was left with nothing." In the spring, Forbes estimated the fortune of Akhmedov at $ 1.4 billion. The billionaire took 88th place in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen in Russia.

Forbes sent a request for comment to Tatyana Akhmedova's representative, but received no response at the time of publication.

From the message of the businessman's lawyers, it follows that Tatyana Akhmedova agreed to the payment of money in cash and a deal on art objects, which make up about a third of what the court awarded her in 2016. Then the High Court of London ordered Akhmedov to give his ex-wife a record 453 million pounds ($ 585 million at the exchange rate at that time). Since then, Akhmedova has sought payment of this money in court.

Now Akhmedova must pay for legal services and pay interest to Burford from the money received, Farhad Akhmedov's lawyers say. According to them, as a result, the woman will be left with a “much smaller” amount than Akhmedov offered her even before the trial six years ago: the lawyers noted that then it was about “exactly the same amount” of more than 100 million pounds sterling ($ 138 million at the current rate). Burford Ahmedova owes "tens of millions of pounds," the lawyers added. According to them, the five years of the courts cost Tatyana Akhmedova and Burford more than 30 million pounds ($ 41.3 million).

A posting on the Burford website indicates that the company received approximately $ 103 million in cash in connection with Tatyana Akhmedova's case.

Farhad Akhmedov's lawyers indicated that Tatyana Akhmedova and Burford began "secret" negotiations on an out-of-court agreement after failing to secure the transfer of rights to the superyacht Luna, which Akhmedov bought from Roman Abramovich in 2014. By selling the ship worth £ 350 million ($ 483 million), Akhmedova and Burford could have received most of the money owed to them by the court at once, Akhmedov's lawyers said. However, the courts refused to change the owner of the yacht, the report said.

In April 2021, a London court ordered Temur Akhmedov, the son of Farhad Akhmedov and Tatyana Akhmedova, to pay the mother more than $ 100 million. The woman claimed that her son helped his father hide the property from her after the divorce.

Farhad Akhmedov and Tatyana Akhmedova got married in 1992 and divorced in Russia eight and a half years later. After the decision of the High Court of London, Farhad Akhmedov refused to pay: he argued that the lawyers of his ex-wife "will be tortured to swallow the dust in the courts, looking for them [money]."

The Akhmedovs' divorce record could be broken by the proceedings in Great Britain between billionaire Vladimir Potanin and his ex-wife Natalia. In May, the court allowed her to file a new claim for the division of property. Bloomberg indicated that the amount of Potanina's claims could reach $ 6 billion.In August 2019, the British The Times and The Telegraph wrote that Potanin expects to receive £ 5.8 billion from the ex-spouse - at that time it was equal to $ 6.3 billion.