FBI opened up iPhone alone

The reputation of Apple was struck by a third party.
Today it became known that the US federal government cease all legal action against Apple Inc. and withdraw all their claims to it on the smartphone data of one of the terrorists in San Bernardino. Services not needed: federal agents uncovered iPhone terrorists without her help.

Federal Attorney Eileen Decker representing the state's interests in a dispute with Apple because of the contents of the smartphone one of the terrorists who staged a massacre in San Bernardino, today released a statement which said that the federal government withdraw from the ships all of its requirements for the Apple on the provision of with the investigation and no longer have any questions to the company.

"Our decision to stop the legal action is based solely on the fact that with the help of a third party, we have the opportunity to open the iPhone», - said Decker gentlemen.

Recall that the conflict between the federal authorities and Apple Inc. It happened after the company refused to comply with the FBI's request to provide it with the necessary information for opening a blocked smatfona one of the terrorists. The company explains this is not so much reluctance to help the investigation, as the fact that the transfer of technical information of such a plan would compromise the entire system of secure data storage on Apple's mobile devices, which will be detrimental to the company and customers. On the Apple side then stood its competitors, including Samsung Electronics, and the case was finally resolved in the US Supreme Court and Congress.

A few days ago, the FBI already talked about the fact that they can do without Apple's, but then the experts considered these statements bluff. Now it turned out that the Bureau was not bluffing. As a consolation, Apple federal prosecutor Decker noticed that the way in which the organization, which the federal government hard was referred to as a third party, does not compromise the way of storage and security of data Apple.

Nevertheless, experts have called the de jure victory over Apple FBI actual defeat us now that no matter what the company says about the safe storage of information on their devices, it has no credibility. If the iPhone could reveal some third party, it is quite possible, that the strength and Thuertoy side, and the fifth and sixth.

"It's certainly not the best news for Apple, - quotes Bloomberg agency expert in information security Chris Maklin.- Since we do not have the details (how iPhone was unfortunate vskryt.-" b "), consumers will inevitably doubt that their device is safe or not. "

Apple responded to the decision of the Ministry of Justice statement in which he assured that "will continue to assist law enforcement authorities in their investigation ... and to strengthen the security of their products on the background of how the threats and attacks on our data become more complex and frequent."