Felix Bazhanov invests the money of Master-Capital clients in auto racing

The Bank of Russia discovered signs of the withdrawal of the leadership of the bank "Master Capital" 2 billion rubles. Earlier, the bank, owned by Nadezhda and Felix Bazhanov, washed out 55 billion rubles.
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The central bank found the withdrawal of a large sum from the Moscow bank "Master Capital", which was deprived of its license. It is believed that the owner of the group of companies "Master" Felix Bazhanov used money of depositors of the credit institution to finance his own projects, among which - the team for the rally "Kamaz-Master". With the family of Bazhanov Tukzh, Vnesheconombank is suing, demanding the return of 3.5 billion rubles of a loan issued for the construction of a cement plant. It was planned that the new plant would be built on the basis of the limestone deposit of the Maklaki section and put into operation in 2013, its construction was actively lobbied by the Kaluga governor Anatoly Artamonov.

"The temporary administration for the management of JSCB" Master Capital "... identified transactions that have signs of theft of the bank's property or concealment of previously performed operations for the withdrawal of the bank's assets by lending borrowers who are affiliated with the bank's owners who have dubious solvency and who do not carry out real economic activity, damage to the amount of more than 2 billion rubles, "- said in the message of the regulator.

It is noted that the interim administration estimates the bank's assets at 1.5 billion, and liabilities to creditors - more than 2.5 billion rubles.

Information that the bank "Master Capital" is experiencing certain difficulties, appeared in early February 2018. Customers began to report a malfunction in the organization's plastic cards. In the shops, cards were not accepted because of a technical malfunction.

The official announcement was posted by the bank only on February 18, 2018, in which it was reported that on February 19 and 20 there will be no customer service. And the reasons for the termination of work were not covered.

During the check, the Central Bank found serious violations of the legislation regulating banking activities. The regulator said that the bank conducted "... lending to borrowers, directly or indirectly related to the ultimate beneficiaries of the credit institution, led to the formation of a significant amount of distressed assets on the bank's balance sheet."

In such a situation, the interests of creditors and depositors were under threat, which forced the Bank of Russia to withdraw Master-Capital from the market of banking services. The relevant information was confirmed by the Order of the Central Bank No. OD-425 of 20.02.18 "On the revocation of the license to conduct banking operations with the credit institution Master-Capital.

The bank was established in 1994. According to RBC, Master Capital was under the control of Nadezhda Bazhanova and her son Felix. The JSC "Association" Master "owned by Felix Bazhanov, in addition to the bank, includes Pluton (the leader in the development and production of microwave electric microwave devices), OOO Rzhev Agrarian Society, Master-Resource LLC, Topcar ".

Earlier Telegram-channel "Banksta" reported about searches in "Master Capital" and "Kodeks" bank (also deprived of a license) that took place in 2010 in connection with laundering and withdrawal of 55 billion rubles abroad.