Fetisov pays off the clients of "My Bank" for the sake of reputation

The former head of "My Bank" Gleb Fetisov believes himself innocent in the bank's problems, but promises to help the Agency for Deposit Insurance to recover all debts owed to customers.
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Unexpected turn occurred in the sensational stories billionaire politician and former shareholder of "My Bank" Gleb Fetisov, suspected of financial fraud at 555 million rubles. A few days ago a banker sent to the Investigative Committee statement in which it promises to voluntarily pay off most of the debt to depositors of "My Bank", which are estimated at more than 6 billion rubles. Banker still considers himself innocent and says that in this way he wants to protect his reputation.

On his plans to a former banker Gleb Fetisov told the court that considered the complaint for his arrest. According to him, although he did not plead guilty on any of the charges, the scandal around the "My Bank" undermined his political reputation, so he is going to protect her. Fetisov promised from personal funds to pay off all obligations "My Bank" to the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Now, the organization pays the clients of the bank in the period until 24 August, 2014. Sami insurance payments previously estimated at 6.5 billion rubles.

-I am not guilty of the alleged offense to me, but at the same time, this situation is detrimental to my reputation as a scientist, public and political figure - said Fetisov court. - That is why I have directed an appeal to the CCJ, which expressed readiness to help "my bank" to fulfill obligations to the Agency for Deposit Insurance and investors, regardless of whether the incident revealed the true culprit in the future.

"Izvestia" a source in the party "Alliance of Greens and Social Democrats", which is chaired by Fetisov said that the banker had not yet decided on the amount that he would send for payments.

Experts believe that such a statement could end Fetisov new troubles for him.

- Investigators may draw attention to the fact that the first Fetisov said he was innocent, and then voluntarily going to pay money to people who allegedly suffered from him. In fact, this recognition of the fault, - said "Izvestia" lawyer Anatoly Verbitsky. - The investigators may also aroseThe path is questions about the reasons for such a broad gestures.

According to him, the TFR should be motivated to respond to the statement Fetisov within 30 days. If the investigation said yes, then this may indicate the beginning of cooperation with Fetisov, which, in turn, affect the further fate of the ex-banker.

- It is possible that this is the first step on the way to a deal with the investigation - said lawyer Verbitsky.

The DIA is carefully commented Statement ex-owner of "My Bank".

- If this is not a PR stunt and Fetisov really have a desire to pay off the bank's customers, we only welcome it and be sure to help him - told "Izvestia" in DIA.

The current owners of "My Bank" is the position occupied by the information blockade.

- I'm not going to comment on such statements, and even the very situation around the bank - said "Izvestiya" one of the new owners of the bank, the ex-deputy chairman Rinat Setdikov.

"My Bank" was registered in 1994 under the name of "Provincial". In July, 2005at that time a member of the Federation Council Gleb Fetisov became its principal owner. It was renamed the "My Bank" After absorbing two other small banks formed structure. In August 2012, Fetisov has left its board of directors. In December 2013, he said that got rid of all the assets to concentrate on political activity. At the same time, has been sold and the Dutch Trust FFF Finance Group BV, which was decorated with "My Bank" (94.8%) with a capital of $ 75 million and assets of $ 800 million. Soon, the bank started the difficulty of payments, he limited payout natural persons up to 20 thousand. rubles per day. A tax discovered in Tomsk Fetisov undeclared income of 1 billion rubles, received in 2012 from the Dutch trust. This consolidated profit of "My Bank" for 2012 amounted to only 91 million rubles. Fetisov receipt billion in 2012, denied in his declaration was officially listed income of 3 million rubles. January 31, 2014 the Central Bank revoked the license of "My Bank".

A criminal case under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud") on the situation around the "My Bank"ylo initiated in December 2013 and based on the initiative of the Central Bank. February 28, was detained Gleb Fetisov, after which the court issued a warrant for his arrest. Initially Fetisov was charged with fraud by 6 billion rubles, but then, this amount was reduced to 555 million. Fetisov representatives claim that he had no relation to this scam, because on November 25-26, at the time the bank is not profitable trades that resulted in damage , it is no longer the owner of the bank and another 21 November sold its stake to 11 individuals.

March 26, 2014 the Moscow City Court considered the complaint for the arrest of Fetisov. The judge refused to change the measure of restraint for the ex-senator, despite the arguments of the lawyers offer collateral in the amount of 555 million rubles (the amount of damage) and the guarantee of 20 people, among whom were high-ranking officials and politicians.