Filev line: "Transaero" — "Siberia"

Forbes estimated the wealth of Vladislav and Natalia Filev at 15 billion rubles.
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Evening of 20 October, it became known that the co-owner and general director Vladislav Filev, S7 Group and the largest shareholder of "Transaero" Alexander Pleshakov agreed to purchase S7 shareholders "not less than 51%" of "Transaero". This was told RBC Filev and Pleshakov. Pleshakov noted that the price is "significantly more than one ruble" and "will satisfy all parties involved." The amount of the transaction and its terms have not been disclosed, the S7 press office failed to respond to Forbes request for details of the deal.

Forbes estimated the state Vladislav and Natalia Filev 15 billion by comparison with the "Aeroflot". S7 Group's main assets - the airline "Siberia" and "Globe" (operate flights under the S7 Airlines brand). According to the group, in 2014, it used the services of airlines to 10 million passengers. Also in the S7 consists of "Business Partner", OOO "S7 ticket", OOO "S7 Invest", OOO "S7 Cargo", LLC "C7 IT", LLC "C7 Consult", LLC "C7 service", LLC " C7 Travel Retail "and LLC" C7 training. " S7 Group is 100% owned by the family Filev - Vladislav and his wife Natalia. withokupnaya S7 Group's revenue, according to Forbes estimates, amounted to 89.7 billion rubles.

To date, the financial position of S7 Group - one of the most stable in the market of Russian civil aviation. According to Forbes estimates, S7 negative net debt of 1 billion rubles.

S7 grieved crisis of 2008, but it was he who forced the company to choose the right development strategy, reduce fleet part of staff and flights. As a result of the current crisis the company came up with an operating profit, low debt and an impressive cache margin, said the executive director of the agency "AviaPort" Oleg Panteleyev.
Why Filev needed to bargain with "Transaero", the debt which is owed to creditors is 260 billion rubles? "Most likely, this decision Fileva asked some creditors" Transaero ". Some of them have previously advocated for the transfer of "Transaero" not "Aeroflot" of bad assets, and S7 », - said Panteleyev. After the purchase of "Transaero", "Aeroflot" has not taken place, the lenders again insisted on its version, the expert believes.

"Any serious benefits for the aviation Filev family business, in my opinion, this transaction is not likely to bring - predicts Panteleev. - Yes, perhaps, the new shareholders "Transaero" will be beneficial to buy back part of the attractive assets for themselves - for example, in the segment of maintenance and repair, but it is a very local prizes. " Talk about integration in the S7 business "Transaero" business or that after this transaction S7 can catch up on market share with "Aeroflot", according to experts, it is impossible.

Even after the announcement of the deal in the morning on October 21, Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov said that an inspection of "Transaero" Rosaviation she will be revoked operator certificate granting the right to fly the commission. The head of Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko, speaking this afternoon at a press briefing, said that the operating certificate will be canceled and can not be restored. Despite the statement by representatives of aviation authorities, the action "Transaero" on Wednesday afternoon grew by 187% - from 6.8 rubles (the closing price on Tuesday) to 19.5 rubles per one security bumagician company.