Financial blindness cost Tokarev 19 billion

That's the amount of money Transneft lost in bankrupt banks.
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At the end of 2015, "Transneft" kept 19.2 billion rubles. on accounts, operations have been stopped, the company said in a report under IFRS for the past year. A provision is established, "including a possible loss of money group" in the banks, in which the license is withdrawn, stated in the document. The representative of "Transneft" declined to comment.

"Transneft" has been a customer of the bank and Vneshprombank "Interkommerts". Central Bank revoked their licenses 21 January and 8 February.

Earlier, the source said that "Transneft" and its structure were kept in Vneshprombank 14 billion. The Bank has also led some payroll "Transneft", said her employee.

19.2 billion rubles. - A 2,3% of revenue and 13.4% of net profit under IFRS for the past year. The only source of income monopoly - tariff for pumping oil and petroleum products. In theory, the company can offset the amount of hovering in the banks through rate, but to prove it to the FAS will be difficult, says portfolio manager GL Asset Management Sergey Vakhrameev. Lost money - it is a problem of management, he said. by orderGovernment in this and next year, "Transneft" rates should be indexed to inflation with a 0.9 ratio in 2018-2020. - 0.9-1.

19 billion rubles. for "Transneft" not critical: it has more than 90 billion rubles. Cash on the balance sheet, EBITDA -. 368 billion rubles, said a senior analyst of "Aton" Alexander Kornilov. Another 391 billion rubles. - Other financial assets, mainly deposits, so the funds from the company enough agree Raiffeisenbank analyst Andrei Polishchuk.

However, the company's large investment program - about 300 billion rubles. in 2016, experts predict. And all through 2020 - more than 2 trillion rubles. They will go to the expansion of ESPO, bandwidth Skovorodino - Mohe to 30 million tons, the construction of the Arctic - purpe, Kuyumba -. Taishet, oil pipelines "South", "North", etc., reminds Polishchuk.

The need of "Transneft" borrowing up to 2021 is estimated at 120-150 billion rubles., Passed the "Interfax" referring to the first vice-president of the company Maxim Grishanina. This year, the company has approved the bond issue program to 280 billion rubles.
Dividend policy of "Transneft" provides for the payment of at least 25% of net profit under RAS, of which the preferred shareholders have 10%. However, for example, for the 2013 shareholders received 70% of the profits.

The situation with the hovering of money can affect the amount of payments, according to Polishchuk, "The question is, what will be the recommendation of the Government." State offers to pay dividends from the profit according to IFRS, but categorical recommendations in this regard yet. "Transneft" then, perhaps, will have to borrow to pay shareholders 25% of the net profit under IFRS (35 bln.), Says Kornilov.

The dollar did not save

In 2015, "Transneft" has reduced the loss on derivative financial instruments by 93.2% to 5.1 billion rubles. compared with a loss of 75.3 billion rubles. for 2014, the company said in the statement. The company used them to hedge risks associated with possible devaluation of the dollar.