First after Baturina: a co-owner of FrutoNyanya entered the Forbes list

According to Forbes, there are two women in the ranking of the richest Russians for the first time. 
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Also Elena Baturina, it included a former shareholder of "Lebedyansky" and co-owner of the manufacturer "Frutonyanya" Olga Belyavtseva.

In the latest ranking of 200 richest Russians version of Forbes, Belyavtseva ranked 183rd place, her condition editors estimated at $ 400 million. So far, the only woman in the ranking was the former owner of the company "Inteko" and wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina . With the assessment of the state of $ 1.4 billion, it is among the richest in 2005 (this year - it is on the 85th place with a fortune of $ 1 billion).


In 1990 Belyavtseva, who was then 21 years old, "settled packer to the shop cannery Minplodoovoschhoza USSR [...] A few weeks Olga changed the work shop to a leading economist of the position," - describes the beginning of a career Belyavtseva newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

Cannery Minplodoovoschhoza USSR in question was built in 1967 in the town of Lebedyan Lipetsk region. Close now the plant was not, but there was the beginning of the restructuring it is uniqueI was in the Soviet Union filling line juice Tetra Pak. Director of the plant at the time of the arrival of Belyavtseva Fighters was Nicholas, who became in the end its senior partner in the business.

In 1992 the company was privatized in the same year, the sale of its products engaged Bortsova son, Yuri. Family Bortsova gradually consolidated control over the enterprise, creating on its base of one of Russia's largest juice producers - concern "Lebedyansky". Belyavtseva with Bortsova pioneered the "Lebedyansky" says her friend, and the first capital earned there.

In 2000, the Company established Belyavtseva "Assol", which has become the distributor of "Lebedyansky" in 24 Russian regions. Four years later, this company became a part of "Lebedyansky" and Belyavtseva - co-owner of the group. "We needed to consolidate distribution in their hands, so the decision was made, - explained in 2005 in an interview with" Vedomosti "Yuri Fighters. - I know, "gonna", they began to engage in a long time our sales. At the time of the transaction, they accounted for about a third of districtShih sales. " In monetary terms, this share was 18%. In addition, "Assol" delivered "Lebedyansky" sugar and carton. For its share in this company Belyavtseva received 19.9% ​​of the Group (Nicholas and Yuri Bortsova at that time owned more than 65% of shares of "Lebedyansky"). "All decisions are taken in this team consolidated, the word for Belyavtseva Bortsova always been assertive and significant", - says her friend.

Great progress

In 2005, "Lebedyansky", followed by a major competitor company "Wimm-Bill-Dann" held IPO, placing on the Russian sites 19.9% ​​of the shares. The entire company was then valued at $ 760 million The newspaper "Vedomosti" wrote that the shareholders, headed by Nikolai and Yuri Bortsova sold securities worth more than $ 130 million whether to participate in the placement Belyavtseva -.. In the public domain have been reported.

But it is known that its main transaction took place in 2008, when 75.5% of shares of "Lebedyansky" from its founders bought PepsiCo and Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG). The deal amounted to $ 1.4 billion. For its share Belyavtseva at aboutEnke of Forbes, has gained about $ 330 million, but after it has continued to actively engage in business.

At the time of the transaction with PBG "Lebedyansky" held 100% stake in Lipetsk enterprise "Progress", which produces baby food "Frutonyanya" and mineral water "Lipetsk pump room." In the same year, the plant has been isolated in a separate legal entity "Progress Capital". In a deal with the Americans, this company was not included, its controlling shareholders after the sale of "Lebedyansky" remained Bortsovs and Belyavtseva.

According to SPARK, is now 35% owned by Belyavtseva "Progress Capital" (39.2% - Svetlana Bortsova Yuri Bortsova widow). Belyavtseva other active owners "Progress" has been in business, says one of her acquaintances. The company produces baby food products under the brand "Frutonyanya". According to Euromonitor International, their share in this market segment accounts for almost 15% (in monetary terms), in second place (with a share of 7.8%) - the brand "Subject", which belongs to the French Danone. According to SPARC, revenue "Progress" in 2014 amounted to 17.8 billion rubles.

THER investment

"Frutonyanya 'business interests are not limited Belyavtseva. After the release of "Lebedyansky" Belyavtseva created "a very successful family office», knows her friend. Reuters Agency in March 2009, citing a source in banking circles reported that the former owners of "Lebedyansky" created investment fund Polaris with a capital of about $ 1 billion. The money, according to the agency, it was planned to invest in promising projects in the consumer in Russia and CIS countries, in particular in the core assets for "Progress Capital". Two Belyavtseva friends say that among its assets has investments in real estate, but did not disclose details.

Together with his family through Bortsova Belyavtseva "Company" gonna "is a co-owner of the plant for the production of corrugated board and packaging Beepack and plant for the production of plastic products Beeplast. Beeplast produces components for refrigerators and washing machines Indesit, supplies IKEA plastic chairs and other products, makes plastic parts for "Barrier" filter and more. In 2013, the turnover forCOMP ANIES "Assol" amounted to more than 3 billion rubles., stated on its website. Belyavtseva also belongs to LLC "Agronomist-Garden" - a business raising crops. This company was founded in 2010, in 2013, its revenues amounted to RUB 224.3 million.

The very Belyavtseva questions RBC yesterday did not answer. In open sources, not one of her interviews. Deputy Chief of Forbes magazine editor Nikolai Mazurin said that for a long time followed the publication of its business, but in recent years the size of the state Belyavtseva did not reach the bottom entry strips in the rating. This year because of the crisis and the sanctions that the bar has dropped from $ 450 to $ 400 million.

"Frutonyanya" in figures

$ 400 million is the capital of Directors "Progress Capital" board member Olga Belyavtseva

183rd place in the ranking takes Belyavtseva Forbes richest people in Russia

It paid $ 1.4 billion PepsiCo in 2008 for the juice business "Lebedyansky", where a shareholder has Belyavtseva

917 million baby food and mineral water packaging produced in 2013, the factory "Progress" in the Lipetsk region, sovladeltsem which is Belyavtseva

150 product launches "Progress" under the brand "Frutonyanya"

89% is the proportion of mothers with children up to four years, who know the brand "Frutonyanya", according to the survey Synovate Comcon in the second half of 2014

17.8 billion rubles. revenue of "Progress" in 2014, according to SPARK-Interfax

Sources: Forbes, SPARK-Interfax, Synovate Comcon, data of "Progress"