First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea intends to sue Dow Jones and WSJ

Rustam Temirgaliev is ready to sue Dow Jones and the newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, because of advertising with his name in it. The Russian senators also intend to support the official's plan. 
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First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev considering filing a lawsuit on the company Dow Jones & Company. As told "Izvestia" he official reason for the lawsuit can be mentioned his name in advertising the product Dow Jones posted on the pages of The Wall Street Journal and the newspaper's website. Senators Alexander and Sergey Tsekov Totoonov whose names were mentioned in the same advertising (along with nearly 40 names of Russian businessmen and politicians) are also ready to make a complaint to the US company.

Advertise with the names of Russian politicians and businessmen came under US sanctions and the EU first appeared on the last page of the Asian version of the newspaper (№192 dated June 3, 2014). In addition, it was posted on the front page of the newspaper. It encourages readers to use one of the products of Dow Jones - «Risk and compliance», "to protect themselves from the effects of sanctions." In the foreground is an advertising banner addressed to readers of publications question - "Do you work with companies that are owned by ...?", And the background of more than 40 names of Russian politicians and business servicesnon-removable, caught in the sanctions lists. By purchasing a subscription to the product, the company's customer has access to the list of public officials, and persons associated with them.

The Prime Minister of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev Set together with a number of other Russian politicians and businessmen. Just a list of previously posted on the website of the Ministry of the Treasury, appears more than 40 well-known leaders and politicians.

- The fact that I appear in this ad, I put it mildly, surprised, - told "Izvestiya" Temirgaliev - On the face of one hundred percent grounds for filing a lawsuit. We will consult with lawyers, -added policies.

The requirement for financial compensation from issuing the official did not rule out. In the near future all the details of future action, as explained by Temirgaliev will be discussed with the lawyers. If a decision on filing a claim will be made by several defendants in the list, Temirgaliev offer to join forces and submit a class action lawsuit on DowJones.

The odds are there - the publication of controversial advertising is known to many politicians and businessmen mentioned in it. As I foundand "Izvestiya", some of them also do not rule out legal proceedings with the Americans.

The Federation Council support the claim

The ability to accede to the future of the claim and to provide legal support Temirgaliev plan two representatives of the Federation Council.

Retaliate against advertising intends cenator from the Republic of North Ossetia Alexander Totoonov. According to him, to answer advertisements in WallStreetJournalmozhno a collective lawsuit, and individual calls, "causing surgical strikes."

Sergey Tsekov, the Crimean representative in the Federation Council, said that he is also considering the option of filing a claim against the DJ & Co.

- The fact of publication in this edition of my name for promotional purposes without my consent is an offense, the responsibility for which, under applicable law, determined by the court - he told "Izvestia". - At the same time, it is impossible not to see that this action is registered, provocative character, and is aimed at the intensive care unit is losing relevance of the topic.

The list also includes many MEMBERs government, the State Duma, heads of state corporations. Thus, according to the press-secretary of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak Ilya Juice, the official shall refrain from making statements on the issue and prefers to explore from a legal point of view.

Good company

The majority referred to in the advertisement Russian officials and businessmen are not going to respond to the American advertising company in which their names appear.

- I Smiled on this matter and said that he was pleased to be in such company - said about his reaction to the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council's international affairs committee, Vladimir Jabbarov.

The former head of administration Ukrainian President Viktor Medvedchuk as well as the deputy of the State Duma Elena Mizulina said they laughed at provocative advertising and any legal action in relation to the Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal will not take. As CEO of the corporation "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov.

In the State Duma to printed advertising to hide their feelings did not. As previously stated the chairman of the State Duma committee on affairsm CIS Leonid Slutsky, outraged that such advertising in general has been printed.

- Overseas creative advertisers do not even want to ask Russian law prohibiting officials, deputies and senators to do business and to own companies, - he said. However, any legal action in relation to the Wall Street Journal politician is going to take.

The lawsuit will apply and DowJones, and the newspaper

What will the Dow Jones in the case if the company will submit claims Russian officials, the press center did not explain the financial agency. As reported by "News" expert on public relations Public DJ & Co in Europe, Kate Dobbin, comments on this subject, prior to the filing of the claim, will not be.

The financial agency Dow Jones & Company is part of an international holding company News Corporation media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal, published by DJ & Co. Published in English since 1889. The daily circulation of the WSJ, as of the end of 2013, the US accounted for about 1.3 million copies, circulation WSJ Asia - 77 thousand.

In addition to the WSJ, DJ & Co is engaged as otherE media, designed for the business audience. Among them, online analytical publication Market Watch, a business newspaper Barron's, Financial News and financial news agency DJ Newswires.

- It will be better to sue not only for the company, which has placed advertisements in the media, but also on the very newspaper in permitting such publication, said a member of the International Bar Association Valeriy Vanin.