First Pumpyansky, now Yevtushenkov

The "RU-Energy" has another enemy from the Forbes list, who demands billions of rubles. The holding president's property is under arrest. 
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Service Holding «RU-Energy Group", in the last year is experiencing serious problems, I received a crushing blow from one of the richest men in the country. MTS-Bank, included in AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov (175 in the Forbes-2013 world ranking), appealed to arbitration a claim against the Group in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles. On the eve of the Tyumen Oblast Arbitration has issued a ruling on securing of claim. Under arrest were assets of the holding company, two of its "daughters" as well as the president of the group - Azad Babayev. Experts believe that after such a «RU-Energy" can no longer recover.

According to the case file, MTS Bank credited the holding unit and the parent company itself. At the same time the security of the loan, "RU-Energy" has given the means of production - an impressive list of 33 units of special equipment related to oil and gas equipment. The starting price for each item ranges from 9 to 70 million rubles. After the "RU-Energy" has ceased to pay the money lenders, they went to court two claims. Requirements for one of them known - will reimburses 2.5 billion rubles. The amount of the second claim is not yet clear, but circumstantial evidence suggests that it is equal to 140 million rubles. At the same time it was made a request for provision of claims, in which the bank's lawyers are not shy in the definitions, explaining the need for the arrest of the defendants property. Company "RU-Energy" directly called insolvent, and its managers - foolish, reckless and unscrupulous. In addition, the plaintiffs suspect defendant ready to transfer assets to avoid responsibility.

"In the Russian arbitration courts in respect of some of the defendants is in the production of a significant number of cases of cash collection: against« RU-Energy KRS-MG "- more than 160 cases against« Service transport company "- more than 150 cases, "RU-Energy Group" - more than 20 cases in respect of JSC "Plant" Nefteprommash "- more than three cases," - suggest the plaintiffs. According to them, the debt to these claims on non currently paid, which indicates the absence of the defendants' money. "As a consequence, - claimie representatives of the bank - the only option of repayment of debt to the claimant may make implementation of the defendants owned movable property mortgaged in favor of the plaintiff. "

The Bank recognizes that the mortgaged property that is located in Freehold "RU-Energy". But at the same time it declares that the defendants are not systematically perform its obligations. As stated in the document - "do not perform duties with the degree of intelligence, care and diligence required of them as bona fide participants of civil relations."

Immediately proceeding claims scheduled for June, but applications for both security requirements already satisfied. As listed in the materials of the court, the first lawsuit (2.5 billion rubles) provided arrest equipment "RU-Energy". The second - the arrest of property of JSC "Plant" Nefteprommash ", LLC" RU-Energy KRS-MG ", LLC" Service Transport Company ", LLC" Tehoylservis ", JSC" RU-Energy Group "and President Azad Babayev Ka Holdingalovicha in the amount of 140 million rubles.

"Comment is nothing special, - says one expert - Evtushenkova lawyers have readily available all the words presented. "RU-Energy" swamped with lawsuits on bankruptcy, counterparties servisnikov seek anything. But since all the assets that are at least worth something, apparently, are pledged to the MTS-Bank, he becomes their owner after almost imminent bankruptcy already Azad Babayev. However, there is another point on which MTS Bank writes - is a serious social responsibility that holding to Yamal and Tyumen workers. There's a very tense situation - people go to rallies, because for a long time do not receive salaries. The governors in the regions where the company is incredibly angry at the top management of "RU-Energy", because social tension - that's the sort of thing that they all seek to avoid. On the eve of the elections in 2015 no one wants to mess around these problems. Therefore, the bankruptcy - not the worst thing that awaits the owners of the group. It is likely the prosecution and the ambulance violence against the troublemakers. "