Fitch in Russia withdraws all national-scale ratings

The first such decision was taken by the agency Moody's, and the reason is the new requirements of the Russian legislation.
International rating agency Fitch followed by Moody's decided to withdraw all Russian issuers' ratings on the national scale. The decision was made after the introduction of a new branch of the control system of credit ratings in Russia, said the agency. Fitch withdraws ratings of about 150 by 31 March 2017, Fitch international scale ratings will continue to be assigned.

 Under the new law, the rating agencies can not revoke the credit ratings assigned on a national scale, by the decision of the authorities of foreign countries. For example, in the case of imposing sanctions on any companies. In addition, the Russian structure should have a separate rating, methodological committee and the internal audit. "The first problem is that the US law, the agency is obliged to withdraw the ratings if the company got into the black list OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury -." Vedomosti "), if the rating has not been revoked, the agency faces a huge fine. A second problem creates excessive costs are now part of the functions carried out offices in London, New York and TD In addition, Russian law requires to rotate the frame every few years ", - he explained earlier," Vedomosti "a person close to the" troika " international rating agencies.

In addition, under the new rules, rating agencies need to be accredited by the Russian Central Bank for the implementation of rating activities in Russia. The transition period expires on 13 January 2017 for Russian companies and 13 July 2017 for foreign. So far, the accreditation of the Central Bank received only two Russian rating agencies - ACRA and RAEX ( «Expert RA"). To ratings of the "Big Three" of international agencies on a national scale were taken into account for regulatory purposes, they need to create in Russian subsidiaries.

The first decision to withdraw the national scale ratings agency took Moody's. At the same time it announced the closure of the joint with "Interfax" subsidiary in Russia in March this year - "Moody's Interfax". The "daughters" and there were about 150 national scale ratings. On a global scale, the agency also decided to continue to assign ratings.