Five employees of the Yaroslavl UFSIN arrested in the case of beating a prisoner

Five employees of the Yaroslavl UFSIN were arrested in the case of beating a prisoner Evgeny Makarov.
Zavolzhsky District Court of Yaroslavl imprisoned for five months five employees of the regional FSIN department, suspected of abuse of power with the use of violence. The investigation considers them involved in the beating of the prisoner of colony No. 1 Evgeny Makarov, which was filmed by one of the jailers on the video recorder. The record was published by Novaya Gazeta, after which a criminal case was opened. One of the detainees extended the detention period by 72 hours, because he considered the evidence collected by the investigation insufficient. According to "Kommersant", at the moment in the status of the detainee is another staff member of the colony, in the near future the investigation will go to court with a petition for his arrest.

Five employees of the UFSIN in the Yaroslavl region - Igor Bogdanov, Alexey Brovkin, Sergei Drachev, Sergey Efremov, Ivan Kalashnikov and Maxim Yablokov, who are suspected of beating prisoner of colony No. 1 Evgeny Makarov - were placed in custody for two months by the decision of Zavolzhsky district court of Yaroslavl. The petitions of the investigation about their arrest were examined by three judges of the Zavolzhsky District Court of Yaroslavl.

Despite the fact that on the eve of the materials of the criminal case on the instructions of the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (BFR) Alexander Bastrykin were transferred to the central apparatus of the department, the court came out employees of the Yaroslavl Investigation Department. The source of Kommersant, close to the investigation, said that employees of the central apparatus of the TFR arrived in Yaroslavl in the afternoon. The court granted the investigators' petitions for the five suspects. Ivan Kalashnikov, the term of detention was extended until Friday due to insufficient evidence base. According to the source of Kommersant, there is a seventh person involved in the case, and in the near future the investigation will ask him to arrest him.

Among the arrested Zavolzhsky Yaroslavl court there are two new figurants. SIZO No. 1 officer Igor Bogdanov and junior inspector of the security department of Colony No. 1 Sergey Drachev were not on the list of prisoner Evgeni Makarov, who was involved in the beating, compiled by the human rights fund "Public Verdict". The list of the fund includes 18 people, including the holder of the DVR. 17 of them were previously suspended from service. At the meeting, as prevented by Sergei Drachev, Judge Maria Selezneva stated that his involvement in the beating of the prisoner was confirmed by the testimony of the security officer of the colony of Maxim Yablokov. The latter pleaded guilty and asked to conclude a pre-trial agreement with him. Drachev's lawyer, Sergei Sokolov, told Kommersant that his client had not yet testified against his colleagues, but this could be the subject of a deal with the investigation.

Sergei Drachev himself also admitted his guilt. His lawyer, Sergei Osinsky, asked Kommersant whether he plans to conclude a pre-trial agreement, remarked that the suspect "has a too low position in the colony, he does not know all of these movements at the top, he simply followed the orders of his older colleagues." Thus, Drachev has nothing to tell the investigation, the defender stated. According to him, at the time of the crime, Sergei Drachev worked in the colony for a little less than a year and now "pays for his imprudence" after "fell under the influence of older colleagues." Igor Bogdanov, a veteran of the fighting, awarded for participation in the armed conflict in 2008, refuses to testify.

Aleksey Brovkin's lawyers (he, according to the "Public Verdict", was offended by Mr. Makarov's rude remarks), Sergei Drachev and Maxim Yablokov told Kommersant that they plan to appeal the detention of their defendants. Defender Igor Bogdanov Artem Pukhov will consider this issue after studying the judicial act on the arrest. Sergei Efremov's lawyer, Sergei Shepelev, declined to comment. The lawyer of the deputy head of the colony on the educational work of Ivan Kalashnikov, Alla Tsareva, told Kommersant that she was satisfied with the court decision.