FNS became the largest creditor of Yashma jewelry company

Tax officers proved that the jewelry manufacturer currently in bankrupcy evaded paying VAT at 7 billion rubles.
FTS in the face of IFTS № 26 in Moscow included in the register of creditors of JSC "Trade-production company" Jasper "with the requirements of more than 10 billion rubles .: 7160000000 - principal, 2860000000 - penalties, from the definition of the Arbitration Court of Moscow 8 July. This amount - payable TPK "Jasper" for VAT for the years 2011-2012, the document says, it has been revealed in February this year on the basis of repeated field tax audit..

Firm one-day loan contracts entered into gold bullion with KB "transnational bank" (license revoked in April 2015), so it does not pay VAT, and along the way - buying and selling bullion contracts: thus liabilities extinguished, says a representative interim manager TPK " Jasper "Cyril Sirotinsky, explore solutions to the tax authorities. Then, through a chain of bars displayed on the structure of companies associated with the TPK "Jasper", which refers to tax the final beneficiary of this scheme, he continues.

Avoiding VAT using fictitious loan agreements - the old scheme, which learned to fight taxsya since the 1990s., recently it has not been widespread, says partner of law firm Herbert Smith Freehills Oleg Konnov. Question - to prove fictitious, he adds.

Bankruptcy TPK "Jasper" in the application of the Savings Bank began in October 2015 the State Bank is included in the register of creditors with a debt of 95 million rubles., But applied for a further 5.4 billion rubles. Among the major creditor banks, who are making the roster - VTB (. 2.6 billion rubles), PSB (2 billion rubles.), "Opening" (1,4 bln.).

"If the first creditors' meeting will be held before the registry will include banks, the tax will be able to select the next bankruptcy, appoint an arbitration manager - explains Lawyer firm" Ilyashev and partners "Dmitry Konstantinov. - If the banks will have time to join in the registry, it will all depend on whether they can join together to influence the course of the procedure, or to agree with a tax which, being state structures, usually does not behave as active as banks. "

TPK "Jasper" - a jewelry manufacturing company; the eponymous business group, which includes a network of "Jasper Gold" (77 stores in Moscow and 52 in St. Petersburg, according to the company).

Head does not transmit the documentation on the company, so it is unknown whether enough from TPK "Jasper" assets to pay off creditors, says interim manager Cyril Kharitonov. VTB knows about FNS requirements, the representative of the State Bank. The "discovery" declined to comment, Sberbank, PSB have not responded to the request. failed Contact Mavlyanova and Martirosyan. The DIA (bankruptcy trustee transnational banks), the Federal Tax Service did not respond to the request.

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The group of companies "Jasper" also includes duty free shops "Aerofirst" and construction projects ( "Ramstroy" and "Agrostroy"), said in late May, the representative of the Savings Bank. "Ramstroy" and "Agrostroy" part of the group "Jasper" and linked to its main owner, Igor Mavlyanova, jewelry business for which - the basic, told at the beginning of June, the representative "amstroya ". Mavlyanov and Robert Martirosyan - co-owners of several group companies, both of them are personal bankruptcy procedure. Jewelry House "Jasper," Managing retail chain, declared bankrupt in May. Spring for bankruptcy "Aerofirst" and its parent company "Arial" filed Sberbank and VTB has filed lawsuits to companies by 2.6 billion rubles. Serve the debts of the company ceased in November 2015, reported the representative of VTB.