Foot sweep for passengers

Why would Pobeda need sambo managers and what surprises await the customers of the airline.
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The management of the only in Russia low-coster, Pobeda, decided to train staff in sambo and judo techniques to protect him from aggressive passengers. Probably, those will be many - the carrier is looking for ways to earn without improving the service. To think about the security caused an incident at the airport "Vnukovo" on February 10. Late on the flight the man demanded to return him money for the ticket and hit the manager of the Pobeda. A similar case involving a whole group of passengers was recorded in September 2016.

General director of the low-coster Andrey Kalmykov said that initially there was an idea to put in the offices and check-in desks professional protection. But because of the expenses for the services of PSC Pobeda it would be necessary to increase the cost of tickets by 2%. Therefore, for the sake of economy, it was decided to train the airline's workers in martial arts. We can assume that as a result of such training, the staff of Pobeda will receive not only new skills, but also a special mood for communicating with passengers. True, airline employees and without judo are known for their bellicose attitude towards clients.

Big scandal for 300 rubles

The only Russian low-coster, Pobeda, has only been working for two and a half years, but the list of conflict situations between passengers and the airline looks impressive. The story of Alena Marchenko - a woman with a baby, which the stewards of Pobeda surrendered to the police, is a striking example of this. July 3, 2016 Alena Marchenko, along with her husband and a three-month-old baby, flew from Milan to Moscow, they got tickets in different parts of the salon. When the couple tried to occupy vacant adjacent seats, flight attendants reminded that the choice of location was a paid service, and demanded from the woman and her husband to return to the places indicated in the tickets. The squabble began, which continued on arrival in Moscow, and ended in the police department.

According to Marchenko herself, she tried several times to pay for the choice of seats, but she could not do this because of the unworked service of Pobeda. At first the passenger tried to book specific seats when buying tickets on the airline's website. When this did not work, Alena Marchenko called the office, where she was assured that you can choose and pay for the seats at the check-in desk on the day of departure. When registering for the flight, she was advised to solve this issue with flight attendants, and those in turn refused to change the woman with the child and her husband to the neighboring chairs.

In turn, representatives of Pobeda accused Marchenko that she was not fastened during the taxiing, and this is strictly prohibited. In addition, the airline says that the passenger and her husband ignored the crew commander's written request to take their places. But, if the problem of choosing an armchair (the price of the issue - 300 rubles) was solved when buying a ticket or when registering for a flight, a woman with an infant would not rush about the plane taking off the plane.

Unmarketed low-coster

Some experts believe: a series of scandals around the Pobeda is due to the fact that this airline positions itself as a classic budget carrier, but in fact it is not. In Europe, these companies earn money by optimizing costs at all stages of the flight (including using remote airports), the second source of income is a large set of additional services (board meals, baggage transportation, seat selection, etc.).

However, in the Russian conditions, when in most regions there are no alternative airports, the budget carrier has to use the same harbors as the classical airlines. True, Pobeda requires special preferences for itself. For example, in Kirov, a low-cost customer received a ground handling discount of 80% and was in non-competitive conditions compared to other airlines. When the discount ceased, Pobeda simply stopped flying to this city.

Loucaster for the sake of profit, apparently, and have to arrange as many paid "footboard" for passengers, which can explain not too ceremonious behavior of staff and can not cause irritation to customers. The attempt to take extra money for hand luggage, the permissible size of which was determined by eye at the check-in counters, illustrates this as perfectly as possible. On many flights, fares with luggage and seat choice were not inferior to those offered by classic airlines.
If the transportation of Pobeda will grow at the current rate (in 2016 4.3 million people used it - 1.2 million more than in the previous year), and the attitude towards passengers will remain the same, the number of conflict situations in the air, at the check-in counters And in the offices of the airline will inevitably grow.

Fantasy there is no limit

Now, when the court ordered Pobeda to bring the rules for carrying baggage in line with the RF Air Code and the orders of the Ministry of Transport, the low-coster invents new ways of earning money. To begin with, the carrier will sew up pockets in the backs of passenger seats - this will shorten the time for cleaning the cabin (and, accordingly, the aircraft servicing time between the flights), And garbage travelers will hand over to flight attendants during the flight. In addition, Pobeda began selling sound advertising, which on one flight will be played twice: before take-off and immediately after landing. Finally, the leadership of the loukoster does not exclude that passengers will carry cargo on passenger flights.


In 2016, the airline Pobeda broke the record for net profit, earning 3 billion rubles. The management of Aeroflot, which owns a budget carrier, expected only two billion.