For Ruslan Gattarov may come FSB because of the history of TLC "Yuzhnouralsky"

Detained FSB associates of the vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Ruslan Gattarov summed up the waste at the Russian-Kazakh forum.
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Now the security forces, according to "URA.RU", are trying to find out whether Gattarov himself is involved in the case (and here they have a trump card - another criminal). Insiders report that a third suspect will soon be detained. And this is not the vice-governor.

One of the claims of the FSB to the officials of the government's economic block was the food costs for the participants of the Russia-Kazakhstan forum that took place in the city from November 7 to 9, 2017. According to the source of "URA.RU", part of the money, several million rubles, provided for food guests, was cashed and disappeared. Anton Bakhaev, deputy minister of economic development, was responsible for the food at the forum, and in the spring of 2018 he got the increase to the first deputy minister by the efforts of his curator, vice-governor Ruslan Gattarov.

In addition, the insider informs, the money provided for outdoor advertising of the forum and transportation services were cashed and disappeared. The contracts were concluded with a group of companies "Elephant", owned by businessman Mikhail Smirnov. For this contract was in charge of the head of the Agency for International Cooperation of the Chelyabinsk region Olga Aleinikova.

"Smirnov became very wealthy after the forum," sources told URA.RU, surrounded by the director of Elefant. - I bought a "Mercedes" of a representative class. Aleynikova, according to rumors, was not in the subject, everyone was discussing between themselves Smirnov and Bakhaev. " According to URA.RU sources, Mikhail Smirnov should become the third person involved in the case of embezzlement of budget funds. It is interesting that Elefant - one of the oldest companies in the advertising market in Chelyabinsk - has received state contracts since the time of Governor Pyotr Sumin.

While in the case of embezzlement of funds at the Russian-Kazakh forum, Anton Bakhaev and Olga Aleinikova were detained. The development of the case, according to URA.RU sources in the power structures, depends on their testimony. Law enforcement agencies are interested in the roles of the curator Bakhaeva and Aleinikova, the vice-governor Ruslan Gattarov. He is still in Moscow. Sources surrounded by Gattarov say that he is very depressed. He refuses media comments.

If Bahaev and Aleinikova do not give evidence on Gattarov, then the law enforcement agencies have another trump card.

As it became known "URA.RU", the case on the trade and logistics complex "Yuzhnouralsky" is being investigated in parallel. According to the investigation, it is allegedly about kickbacks, possibly received by Gattarov from business representatives in 2014.

"It's funny, but even in the South Ural State University, when Bahaev was in charge of the university's trade union committee, there was a story of cashing in food stamps for students. But it was "hushed up," one of those who studied at the university told URA.RU. "Gattarov helped." It is noteworthy that Ruslan Gattarov once headed the trade union of SUSU, and then lobbied Anton Bakhaev to this place. Bahaev in 2010, when Mikhail Yurevich became governor, headed the main department of the youth policy of the region, where he resigned in February 2014. After his resignation, the SMU was searched. But the criminal case then the story did not end. A year later, Bahayev returned at the invitation of Gattarov to the civil service. He joined the Ministry of Economic Development of the region and became the most trusted person of Ruslan Gattarov. The vice-governor made sure that Bakhaev was admitted to the preparation of the Russian-Kazakh forum, and then to the SCO and BRICS summits.

Officials have already been detained by the Chelyabinsk authorities. As the press secretary of the governor Dmitry Fedechkin told URA.RU, spending on the preparation of the Russian-Kazakh forum (and the money was allocated from the federal and regional budgets) was checked by the Control and Accounting Chamber of the Chelyabinsk region on behalf of Boris Dubrovsky. It was her materials that law enforcement agencies became interested in. Further, there are possible criminal cases on subsidies for small businesses, on the costs of officials subordinate to the ministry and on bonuses to officials. Several resignations are expected in the ministry itself. Recall that earlier on the materials of the chamber, several resonant criminal cases were instituted - one of the recent ones concerning the former Mayor of Miass, Gennady Vaskov. The chairman of the CSR Alexei Loshkin refrained from commenting.