Forbes has calculated the prize finalists of the 2018 world Cup

In the final of the World Cup, which was hosted by Russia, the French team defeated the Croatian team 4: 2. Forbes has calculated, what prize will receive finalists and other participants of competition.
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Today at the stadium in Luzhniki Stadium the World Football Championship ended, which lasted for 11 months in eleven Russian cities. In an interesting and intense match, France defeated the rival of the Russian national team in the quarterfinals - the Croatian team 4: 2. In addition to the national love, the footballers and their coaches who took part in the championship earned decent prize money.

The football business is growing, not paying attention to the problems of the world economy and politics. FIFA collects more and more money from sponsors and TV companies and, as a result, is ready to pay more to the team-participants of the World Cup. In 2018, the total pool of prize money is $ 791 million, which is $ 215 million more than in the 2014 tournament.

It is interesting that the teams will receive only $ 448 million ($ 48 million of them - only for getting into the tournament, at $ 1.5 million per team). The remaining funds will be spent to compensate the clubs for the absence of the majority of players in training and fees ($ 209 million), as well as for injuries to players received at the World Championships ($ 134 million). All 32 participating teams have already received $ 8 million for a group tournament. The exit from the group is estimated at $ 4 million, and for the final victory it is $ 38 million (in 2014 there were $ 35 million).

And, of course, not only the organizers encourage the participants. Each country is interested in winning the national team at the most prestigious football tournament. To add motivation to the teams, many federations guarantee players and coaches a bonus for promotion on the tournament grid, but there is no general system of payments.

The bonus theme killed not one African team - for example, at the championship in 2014 financial scandals tore apart the teams of Cameroon and Ghana. The Football Federation of Nigeria decided to protect itself from unpleasant proceedings and immediately allocated € 2.8 million for bonuses to players. However, this did not save the team from relegation at the group stage.

The German Football Union (DFB) had high hopes for its team: the prize money was expected only from the quarterfinal stage (€ 75,000 to each player), and the DFB officials estimated a victory of € 350,000 on the football player. But the world champions of 2014 the tournament failed and did not leave the group.

A similar story with the Spaniards. Pricelist pricelist started with 1/4 finals - € 30,000 per player. But the data on the bonuses for the victory in the tournament diverge. The Madrid edition of AS in the spring reported that footballers would have received € 125,000 and a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch worth € 90,000. And according to the sports newspaper Marca, each player could count on € 825,000. The loss to 1/8 finals of Russia helped Spanish Federation to save money.

On the bonus team of Russia wrote everything. Insider telegrams reported that for the victory over Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the championship, the team received $ 8 million ($ 6 million for players, $ 2 million for the coaching staff), and the game with Egypt, which provided Russia with a 1/8 team exit, cost $ 9 million But in an interview with Sport Express, the acting president of the RFU, Alexander Alayev, said that the federation would pay out the prize money from the funds received from FIFA. Having reached the quarterfinals, the Russian team earned $ 16 million of this amount and will distribute bonuses between the team and the coaching staff. "In a certain proportion," Alayev did not concretize.

Brazil was going to pay a record sum. The local edition of Folha de S. Paulo reported that in case of victory each player and coach of the national team will receive $ 1 million. In 2002, the Brazilians earned $ 200,000 for the championship.

Another contender for record payments planned to become Serbia. President of the country Alexander Vučić offered € 10 million for gold. "I do not think that this is a lot of money for you, many of you earned much more, but we wanted to show you how important it is for our entire country that you represent it in the best way possible ", The president explained his generosity. True, the Serbian team could not even get into the playoffs.

The English team traveled to Russia without excessive expectations, so the British media reacted to the loss in the semifinals very complacently. The Telegraph reports that the team has already paid £ 1 million for going to the playoffs, and in case of victory in the tournament, the team would have been paid £ 5 million.

Belgium was determined to win the Euro-2016 and promised each player € 1 million for the championship. In 2018, according to The Telegraph, the planned remuneration decreased almost twofold - to € 600,000.

The Croatian Football Union has already guaranteed € 28 million in prize money thanks to the national team's exit to the finals. Croats could increase the amount by € 10 million, but lost to the French.

The French Football Federation estimated each team victory at the championship of € 20,000, and the championship - at € 400,000. At the same time, L'equipe claims that one of the leaders of the team - young striker Kilian Mbappa - refused to award bonuses for the championship: all the proceeds he will give to charity.