Forbes included Milner in the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time

Billionaire Yuri Milner became the only Russian who entered the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time, compiled by the American magazine Forbes. The ranking also includes Paul McCartney, Giorgio Armani and others.
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Co-founder Mail.Ru Group Yuri Milner, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.5 billion, was included in the list of 100 greatest business minds of our time, according to the American magazine Forbes.

According to the publication, this list included "visionaries and prophets of capitalism" who wrote for the magazine short essays about personal experience and ideas that guided, achieving success. Milner became the only Russian who got on this list.

In addition to Milner, the list includes Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Elu, Asian businessman Lee Kashin, Beatle Paul McCartney, hip-hop star Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), business consultant and writer Jim Collins, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, American expert in home economics Martha Stewart and CNN founder Ted Turner.

Among the greatest business minds, according to the magazine, were also the founder of Paypal and SpaceX, Ilon Mask, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, co-developer of Google Sergey Brin, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of the Bloomberg news agency Michael Bloomberg, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and others .

Milner also entered the list of the most influential Russians in the last 100 years, which was published in the September issue of the Russian Forbes. In addition, Yuri Gagarin, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Vysotsky, Sergey Korolev, Vladimir Lenin, Georgy Zhukov, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Sergey Brin, Pavel Durov and Andrei Sakharov were included there.

In March, Milner was included in the top 50 world leaders, according to Fortune magazine, he took 40th place. Another Russian in the list of the magazine was the chairman of the charitable organization "Civic Assistance" Svetlana Gannushkina, who outstripped the entrepreneur by 11 positions.