Forbes journalists decided to strike

Half of the editorial staff is dissatisfied with the delay in wages for July and does not want to go to work.
Part of the Russian version of Forbes plans to stop coming to work on August 15 because of the delay in the July salary. Employees were supposed to receive it on July 30th. September number Forbes at the same time will come out, assure the editors.

Part of the Forbes editorial board will cease to work on August 15, two familiar with the source's situation told Kommersant and the editor-in-chief of the magazine Nikolai Mazurin confirmed. The decision is connected with the delay of the July salary: the labor code allows not to go to work, if there are no payments for more than 15 days.

The editorial board of the journal was to receive a salary on July 30. Last week, employees refused to hand over materials and complained about the lack of payments to the prosecutor's office. While the results of the complaint did not bring - it's a long process, says Nikolai Mazurin.

According to him, the editorial board does not have a consolidated position and the decision to strike, so some journalists will continue to work. In all, about 30 people are editorial of Forbes, how many of them will remain at home tomorrow, is unknown.

Mr. Mazurin himself will continue to work on the September issue. It was assumed that the magazine will be delivered on August 14, but as a result, the time is slightly shifted, he said. One of the interlocutors of Kommersant adds that the issue will be released, even given the refusal of journalists to write notes: it is planned to be supplemented with past preparations.

In the holding ACMG, which owns the Russian Forbes, they promised Kommersant to comment on the situation later.