Forbes Style of the Year: Dmitry Rybolovlev

The former owner of Uralkali easily beat his neighbours in the Forbes list in terms of the most vivid manifestations of hedonism.
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"On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Dmitry had created for himself a" little Russia ", its international version, he moved to Monaco parents and surrounded himself with the same as he was Russian" from the business community, "his eldest daughter Catherine is trained by the London finance and actively helps his father. " So begins an article about Dmitry Rybolovlev in the magazine Paris Match, which he gave an interview, the first after the sale of "BRIC" in 2010.

A native of Perm Rybolovlev avoids publicity: for every "exit of the press" needed a serious reason, such as preparing for an IPO of his company "Uralkali" in 2006. Control of "Uralkali" he conceded, not without pressure from the authorities, but under the circumstances the deal could be called triumphant: Rybolovlev received more than $ 6 billion in cash and assets.

An article in Paris Match is illustrated with idyllic pictures, Lo grizzled, but still youngish, smart man reclining on a couch at his villa (1600 sq. M) in Monte Carlo. football and cinema - three TV screen at the same time on the same news of the economy, on the other are included in the room. Here terracepenthouse with views of the coast and the Royal Palace of Monaco: majordomo here Nikolai serves breakfast. This is a huge room with tree made in a two-story library and a fireplace: a graduate of the Perm Medical Institute Rybolovlev "reads iPads in medical news." Gymnasium: Rybolovlev to pass the ball eldest daughter Catherine. Finally, the celebration of the return of the football club "Monaco" to the big leagues:

After the sale of the business Rybolovlev seems to have embraced the desire to break into the big leagues of local bourgeois and aristocrats. His first investment - shares of Bank of Cyprus: becoming its largest owner, Rybolovlev seriously hoped to "buy state" Forbes shared with his friends. But with games in politics had to finish: Cyprus covered the tsunami of the financial crisis, and dreams of prosperity Rybolovlev on the island paradise turned into ashes.

In Monaco, all is it does best: the shortest way to the heart of Monegasque princely family in general and in particular, was the purchase of local pride, soccer club, which Rybolovlev is not spare money.

SlaIslands of Russian billionaires has gone far beyond the small principality, all thanks to the extravagant purchases.
With its name associated purchase the most expensive apartment in Manhattan ($ 88 million) and Florida mansion Donald Trump ($ 95 million), as well as villas in Hawaii, the actor Will Smith ($ 20 million), which is now Rybolovlev betrayed a new passion - surfing. In 2013, the heirs of Aristotle Onassis two Greek islands were bought (estimated at $ 100 million).

However, formally, none of these objects is not made out businessman on. The whole property, including the collection of paintings, which is the work of Picasso and Modigliani, hidden in Cypriot family trusts. His wife Elena Rybolovlev, which billionaire divorced since 2008, suspects that her husband, thus trying to avoid the division of property. Lawyers meticulously looking for any assets that Elena can claim.

But all this does not prevent Rybolovlev look at the photos in the French magazine respectable, smiling and quite happy life. In the end, scandals occur and noble families.


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