Foreign assets of the family of Igor Mavlyanov

The son of the owner of Jasper-Gold chain, currently in a financial disaster, plans to invest in the US real estate.
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Known to everyone who has ever acquired uvelirnye cheap jewelry, "Jasper Gold" network can add to the list of resonant bankruptcies .: 2015 in early November, Sberbank of Russia announced its intention to submit to arbitration an application for bankruptcy LLC "Jasper Jewelry House" in hoping to return issued loans.

However, already announced the launch of the liquidation procedure provided for by the law, so do not know what comes first for two months before a meeting of the Company: lenders return on their investment, or credited to self-destruct. Against the background of the problems in Russia, special attention is drawn to the information on the foreign assets of the alleged co-owner of "Jasper" Igor Mavlyanova.

American roots

In March 2014, when the clouds of LLC "Jasper Jewelry House" still only deepened, Ilio Mavlyanov, a young entrepreneur with Russian roots, said the ambitious plans of the newly established company Jasper Venture Group to acquire promising properties in New York and California. expansion plans voiced from the newly opened headquarters on MAddison Avenue in Manhattan, famous, including the Russian audience for the TV series "Mad Men» (Mad Men) in the life of the American business elite. Perhaps there is no need to specify that the selected investment strategy - a textbook example of the Golden Rule rieletorov: location, location and again location. New York City - the capital of the world of business, California - a favorite place of life and leisure of the rich and famous. That is, the price of "entry ticket" - and here and there on the top bar.

American business really knows examples of young multi-millionaires who built a company worth billions: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg. However, "started" all of them in the garage of the parents, not the most expensive place on earth, and business investment were ridiculous tens of thousands of dollars, and not up to the price tag of even one real estate object. However, there are exceptions: Donald Trump - the future construction magnate and US presidential candidate loudly started directly "from an early age," and also just in New York.

But there is one "but": the money he gave his father, owner of a successful real estate company.There's no, no, yes, and remember the law of Lomonosov-Lavoisier: "If that which lose anything else is sure to come." And then it's time to remember that not Ilio Mavlyanov namesake of the beneficiary of one of the largest Russian jewelry companies, Igor Mavlyanova and ... his son.

Do not judge strictly a young man who, by the way, since the recent high-profile statements by the American media has become more cautious and ambition to conquer skyscrapers, shopping malls and villas with views of the ocean ceased to sound. Who is on the page of the popular social network for professionals, he modestly calls itself a real estate investor, «self employed» c 2011 to the present time. In decent support from parents is not bad, but not in a situation where the self employed - that is, self-employed, - in the near future is likely to become employees of the company his father bankrotyaschegosya in Russia.

By the way, I. Ilio is not the only member of the family, settled in the heart of "the city of the yellow devil". One of the events in the local market premium real estate was the sale of a condominium in the summer of 2014 cost over Thyreh and a half million dollars on 150 West 56th Street. According to local realtors, sellers were certain Igor and Stella Mavlyanova.

Apparently, the ex-wife of jewelery businessman, previously owned shares in LLC "Jasper export", which belongs bankrotyaschegosya and simultaneously liquidated "Jewelry House Jasper." Apparently, the former spouses could afford expensive purchases, and at the same time funding for Entrepreneurial ventures son, exports from Russia to the US House in Jasper - and not one .. - really was successful.

Golden state

In sunny California, which plans to invest Mavlyanov Jr., under the name Mavlyanova Sr., according to local real estate register, there is already a representative residence for sounding amazing in Russian at Boris Drive. As you know, every American state has the informal name: the already mentioned New York - Empire State, the state-empire, but California - Golden State, which means "Golden State." Yes, and on the state coat of arms - a bear.

A small weakness of the domestic businessman-zolotopromyshlennika or just a place really nice? Possibly both. Real estate in countries with Anglo-Saxon law is good for the fact that is rarely self-destructs. By the way, the real estate market there is such a thing as "liquidation value": the minimum price at which the object will buy for sure, and at any time. The cost of the few residences for sale in the marked Mavlyanova corner "Golden State" starts at two million dollars. But President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly had just announced, among other things, the possibility of extension for another year "capital amnesty" - that is, expensive foreign real estate owners can not recognize the fear of the consequences, "Yes, my ..." and given the growth of the dollar, the cost of a small California estate would probably enough to pay off debts to Sberbank. And even for compensation will remain employees.