Former chief investigator of Moscow arrested on corruption case

He was charged with receiving a bribe from a thief in the law of Shakro the Young (Zakhary Kalashov).
In Moscow, the former head of the capital's GDS of the RSF, Major-General of Justice in retirement Alexander Drymanov was detained. According to Kommersant sources, even today he can be charged with receiving bribes from the thief in law Zakhariy Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) for the release from custody and mitigation of charges to the criminal authority Alexander Kochuykov (Italian). The latter took place in the case of shooting at Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow. In the case of a bribe, several former high-ranking officials of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) are under trial and investigation. Mr. Drymanov himself, according to Kommersant sources, recently tried to obtain the status of a lawyer, which would make it difficult for him to prosecute.

Today, a few days before the professional holiday of the TFR, FSB officers detained Major-General of Justice Justice Alexander Drymanov, former head of the Moscow Main Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Investigative Committee (GKU SKR), in the capital. Officially, this information has not yet been commented on either in the TFR or the FSB. Mr. Drymanov himself did not answer calls to "Kommersant". However, the fact of his detention was confirmed by Kommersant sources in the security forces. According to them, already today the general who was brought to the Lefortovo detention center will be charged under Part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (receiving a particularly large bribe). On Wednesday, as expected, the investigation will appeal to the Lefortovo Court of Moscow with a petition for the arrest of Alexander Drymanov. At the moment, the detained blame does not recognize.

Alexander Drymanov was one of the most authoritative investigators of the TFR, charged with cases of special state importance - crimes committed in South Ossetia, Transnistria, in the southeast of Ukraine. GUS of the TFR in Moscow headed in February 2015.

The impetus for the investigation, which ultimately led to the detention of Mr. Drymanov, as Kommersant has often told, was a sensational story about the shooting at Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow, which occurred in late 2016. Then, following the incident, several people were detained, and then several people were arrested, including Alexander Kochuykov (Italian), one of the closest associates of the influential thief in the law of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young). The Italian was charged with extortion, and Shakro, according to investigators, decided to bribe investigators with the help of bribes to release his comrade-in-arms from custody and mitigate his charges (Kochuykov and Kalashov already received impressive terms for extortion). A number of businessmen, friendly with the thief in the law, undertook to sponsor this corruption operation.

According to the investigation, in April 2016 a large developer Dmitry Smychkovsky (hiding abroad and being on the wanted list) received $ 1 million from "unidentified persons" for the liberation of Italian. Of these, $ 200,000 he left for mediation, and the remaining amount, according to investigators, was divided between the then head of the investigation department for the Central Administrative District of Moscow Alexei Kramarenko (under investigation and does not admit the guilt, claiming that he did not take money, but only followed the instructions of the leadership in the case of the Italian), the chief The main department of interdepartmental cooperation and its own security of the TFR, Mikhail Maksimenko (already received 13 years in prison and 165 million rubles in fine for another "bribe" episode), his subordinate Alexander Lamonov, and Alexander Drymanov and his first deputy Denis Nikandrov.

During the investigation, Mr. Lamonov and Nikandrov pleaded guilty and concluded pre-trial cooperation agreements. It was their testimony and gave grounds to bring to trial Alexander Drymanov. However, for a long time he was witnessing the case: the point is that the case against the head of the regional management of the TFR can be brought under the law only by the chairman of the committee or his deputy. And although the Chekists sent Alexander Bramnikin materials to Alexander Drymanov last year before the criminal prosecution of the latter did not come.

The situation changed after Mr. Drymanov wrote a petition for resignation. Official reports that it was granted and the president of the Russian Federation signed a decree, was not published. However, recall, sources of Kommersant in law enforcement agencies recently reported that Mr. Drymanov decided to file documents for the assignment of his lawyer status in the Volgograd region.

The presence of a lawyer in a lawyer's status takes him to the rank of a special subject and makes it difficult for him to prosecute: in this case, the case should be initiated by the head of the investigative department of the TFR for the region. However, Mr. Drymanov did not manage to become an attorney.

The cases against Alexander Lamonov and Denis Nikandrov are already in court. Their consideration will take place in the near future, and the detention of Alexander Drymanov now allows the investigation to add the final picture of corruption history. At the same time, we note that the sources of "Kommersant" do not exclude that in the case may appear and new figurants.