Former deputy has been transferred back from Chile

He is accused of stealing more than a hundred million from Sberbank.
Completed extradition from Chile to Russian ex-deputy Isilkul Omsk region Sergei Zadnepryanskogo. Last Wednesday, about seven o'clock in the evening, Mr. Zadnepryansky accompanied by control staff of the Federal Penitentiary Service, and Interpol has been delivered in the metropolitan detention center. Omsk investigation accuses former people's choice in the theft of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation 114 million rubles. Hiding seven years ago by former deputy police officers found in Chile, where he was serving a prison sentence for money laundering. On Sergey Zadnepryanskogo etapiruyut next week in the Omsk jail where he will await trial.

The fact that from Chile to Russia extradited former deputy city Isilkul Omsk region Sergei Zadnepryansky, "Kommersant" reported the press service of the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol in the management of the Russian Interior Ministry. "He flew to Madrid airline Iberia, and from there to Russia because there is no direct flight. February 26 about seven in the evening, accompanied by the FPS staff and Interpol, he arrived in Moscow. He behaved quite adequately, any incident during the flight did not occur. He usedyl series of questions on health, but doctors have given consent to its flight, "- said the official representative of Interpol Dmitry Yershov. From Moscow to Omsk in the near future ex-deputy etapiruyut management staff of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS). "In the future, it will be placed in a detention center, where he will wait for the start of the court", - said the Investigation Department of the TFR in the Omsk region.

As reported by "Kommersant", 62-year-old Sergei Zadnepryanskomu Regional TFR charged with committing an offense under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). According to investigators, in 2003-2005 Mr. Zadnepryansky with partners forced citizens to issue loans in the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, including its employees LLC "Fortuna". Most of the funds granted by the bank ex-deputy and partners appropriated. Size theft investigation estimated at 114 million rubles. Total in the criminal case are more than 500 victims. "Fortuna" LLC registered in Isilkul and engaged in the construction of houses, production and installation of PVC windows. All the property company was Opisano and sold by bailiffs repayment of debt to Sberbank of Russia. "At the moment the debt to the bank is not satisfied in the absence of a decision on the recovery of the criminal case. However, other members of the group were sentenced to real prison terms, "- said yesterday," b "in the Omsk branch of Sberbank of Russia.

In 2007, immediately after the criminal case was under house arrest Sergey Zadnepryansky fled from law enforcement agencies. In March 2008, he was on the federal wanted list, and a month later - the international. In October 2009, after receiving the Interpol information on finding Isilkul former deputy in Chile Prosecutor General's Office filed a request for his extradition. Two months later, the competent authorities of the Republic of Chile decided to issue Sergei Zadnepryanskogo Russian security officials. However, the process of transfer has been suspended in connection with the criminal prosecution of Mr. Zadnepryanskogo on Chilean territory under the money-laundering, and later - because of health conditions. The termex-deputy Chilean authorities has been repeatedly extended, most recently until 28 February, 2014. In December last year, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office received information on the results of the regular medical examination of Mr. Zadnepryanskogo, according to which it is not counter-flight aircraft on the territory of Russia, accompanied by a health professional.

The investigator Investigation Department TFR in the Omsk region Denis Ponorovsky, investigating a criminal case against Sergei Zadnepryanskogo, said that the Chilean authorities have decided to extradite former Russian deputy after the end of his prison term. "The term of his sentence for money laundering has expired, so the extradition took place," - said Mr. Ponorovsky. The Investigation Department of escorting Sergei Zadnepryanskogo expected next week.