Former head of Roskosmos invited to the Investigation Committee

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Anatoly Perminov abused power by authorizing the transaction by Khrunichev Center to acquire shares in the American company International Launch Services in 2008.
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Prosecutor General's Office sent to the Investigation Committee of the RF test materials related to the transaction "Proton" producer - Khrunichev - with the company Space Transport Inc. (ST), registered in the British Virgin Islands.

In 2008, "Khrunichev" for $ 255 million acquired from ST 51% stake in International Launch Services (ILS) of the American company, which owns the rights to the global marketing launch services using the "Proton" rocket. Controlling stake ILS until 2006 belonged to the American corporation Lockheed Martin, which is zero in the middle of the reorganization took the starting segment of its business, and has sold a stake in an offshore company ILS ST. Subsequently, information was given to Lockheed Martin materials that in this package the company was able to gain $ 108 million.

The essential difference between the amounts for which Lockheed Martin has sold shares of ILS and "Khrunichev" bought them, attracted the attention of the investigating authorities as early as 2012.

"According to the decision of the Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman, during the prosecutor's check received information about abuse of power by the formerCEO Khrunichev Vladimir Nesterov, the acquisition of shares ILS, - says the decision of the Prosecutor General to send the materials in the UK. - These violations have been made possible as a result of the abuse of power by the former head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov. "

The results of the test in 2012-2013 to continue the case did not receive: the actions Perminov Nesterov and the offense is not found, a criminal case was refused. However, the Prosecutor General's answer did not satisfy, and on July 9 this year Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin quashed the UK refusal to initiate criminal proceedings and sent the materials to the Investigation Committee for re-examination. The text of the resolution Grin stressed that all the circumstances of the transaction "must be taken to establish the membership of the beneficiary companies", ie ST.

Anatoly Perminov declined to comment, passing through his representative, that does not see a topic of conversation.

Vladimir Nesterov said "Mathestiyam "that he was not aware shareholders ST.

- It is clear that the investigating authorities did not give rest to the difference in the amounts of transactions, all the same for two years the company has risen in price in two and a half times - says Nesterov. - But I have already explained to the investigator, due to which such a difference obtained by: price of a company such as the ILS, is determined by the order portfolio. When Lockheed sold the asset, it was not enough orders, and the price was one. But while the company owned ST, ILS was able to conclude 17 new contracts, its portfolio of orders has risen in price, and that affected the value of the asset. Before the transaction ILS package estimated auditing company "Deloitte & Touche CIS", concluded that 51% of the company is worth $ 320-370 million.

Nesterov said that prior to the acquisition, "Khrunichev» ILS leave yourself up to 25% of the value of the signed contract, and after - no more than 10%. Specific figures Nesterov has not led, but, according to the launch services market experts, in the described period of time one commercial launch of "Proton" was worth $ 100-110 million.

- Due to this redistribution "Khrunichev" received already twice at $ 255 million, that nolnoy justifies the purchase, - he says.

According to Yuri Nikolayev, chairman of the Moscow Bar Association "Nikolaev and partners," to determine the beneficiaries of the offshore company from the British Virgin Islands should be treated or the local equivalent of the Ministry of Justice, or in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

- In court, I believe more if in court to prove that the requirements for information are legitimate, he would oblige the registrar to disclose information - explains Nikolaev. - But in practice, I can say that the British Virgin Islands have a reputation for reliable keepers of secrets.