Former head of VEB Sergey Gorkov jumped into the chair of the general director of "Rosgeology"

Sergey Gorkov was appointed the new head of Rosgeology. The previous head of the state holding was dismissed soon after the scandal with his deputy.
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The new CEO of the holding "Rosgeology" Sergey Gorkov is presented to employees, according to the website of the Ministry of Environment. Gorkov is “a respected, professional, experienced Russian manager.” This is how the Minister Dmitry Kobylkin described the top manager, who introduced him to the Rosgeology team.

Gorkov replaced the post of general director Roman Panov, whose dismissal became known on March 21. After the departure of Panov, the duties of the head of the company were performed by Sergey Suchkov, before that - the first deputy general director.

Panov left Rosgeologiya soon after the scandal with his deputy Ruslan Gorring. A video appeared on Twitch, in which Gorring, during a stream of a computer game, spoke about intimate connections with subordinates, revealed information about the company's work, insulted other players and threatened them. In late January, he was fired from the company. March 9, Gorring was arrested for two months on charges of fraud on a large scale.

What is Sergey Gorkov famous for?

The new head of Rosgeology, Sergey Gorkov, is 50 years old. He is a graduate of the Academy of the FSB and the Russian Economic University. Plekhanov. In 1994–1997, he worked at Menatep Bank as Deputy Head and then Head of the Human Resources Department. Later he held senior positions in the personnel department, was the vice-president of YUKOS and its management company YUKOS-Moscow.

Gorkov left the oil company in 2005. He went to London, where he served on the board of directors of the energy company Eton Energy Limited and the business of selling alcohol The New Muscovy Company Limited. Already in 2006, Gorkov returned to Russia.

Until 2008, he also served on the board of directors of the Fesco transport group, which belonged to his former Yukos colleague and ex-minister of fuel and energy Sergey Generalov. In November 2008, he became director of the personnel policy department of Sberbank. Two years later he was appointed deputy chairman of the state bank. Supervised international operations of the bank.

Vnesheconombank (now VEB.RF) Gorkov came in 2016. He replaced Vladimir Dmitriev, who had previously headed the state corporation for 12 years. In the same year, Gorkov joined the board of directors of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, but he left after a year.

As chairman of VEB, Gorkov lasted just over two years: on May 24, 2018, President Vladimir Putin appointed former First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov instead. Two months later, Gorkov began his duties as Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin.

In 2017, Gorkov took the 50th place in the list “Power and Money. The rating of state employees' income according to Forbes. The magazine estimated its annual income at 259 million rubles.