Former Medvedev's yacht is on sale again at Avito

A new announcement on the sale of the yacht has appeared on the site, which is associated with the Dar Foundation, which is close to Medvedev.
Such an advertisement for the sale of the Princess 85 yacht was placed on November 15 on the Avito website, the Telegram channel "This is not a fact" drew attention. In a similar announcement on the profile site in the title, the year the boat was built is specified - 2009. It was in this year that the yacht "Fotinia", which belonged to LLC "Investment Systems", was launched. The company was founded by the Cypriot offshore company Fursina Limited, which was founded by Ilya Eliseev, a classmate of Dmitry Medvedev and the head of the Dar fund, which is close to him, as Alexey Navalny told about in his film about Nedimon.

Last spring, the same Navalny found out that “in 2015, Medvedev changed the yacht to a more luxurious one for 865 million. my wife went to church on Sundays. Dmitry M. " I didn't want to, so Putin's friend and brother-in-law Nikolai Shamalov bought it ... And now Shamalov himself decided to get rid of the yacht in order to buy something better. "

The length of this model (Princess 85MY) is 26 meters. The width of the master cabin is 6 meters. In the bow there is a VIP cabin with a king-size bed and a full dressing room. Instead of the standard leatherette, the interior and headboards on the "Fotinia" were trimmed with luxury Lea Tofee leather.

Now a new announcement has appeared, which reveals other details of the technical condition of the vessel: for example, the entire boat is equipped with premium audio systems BOSE (Medvedev, as you know, is not averse to dancing), in the owner's cabin there is a safe for cash and tweets, in the galley - MIELE appliances, and on the flybridge (upper bridge) - a grill ...

New name

If last year Shamalov exhibited a dish for 134 million rubles, now Avito is asking for 169.9 million for it. On another website, the price is even higher: "2.250.000 euros (~ 196.470.000 rubles., ~ 2.620 .299 $), so it's not just food that is getting more expensive in the country.

When an offshore company associated with the Dar Foundation bought this yacht, it was named Fotinia (the Orthodox version of the name Svetlana is the name of Dmitry Medvedev's wife). After "Fotinia" was rewritten to Nikolai Shamalov, she began to be called "Tatiana" (this is the name of Shamalov's wife).

But the photo in the new ads clearly shows that the Princess 85 put up for sale has a completely different name, not even a very feminine one - "Yamal". Although Yamal is not the most comfortable place for recreational boat trips. Maybe we are talking about another boat altogether? You never know such "princesses" have been launched.

The secret is that each marine vessel with radio communication has its own unique MMSI (a series of nine digits that are broadcast to identify ship stations) and Call Sign (call sign). Well, so: for "Fotinia", "Tatiana" and "Yamal" they are the same. Moreover, the website of the International Telecommunication Union directly states that earlier Yamal was called the very same Tatiana. And even earlier - "Fotinia".

New owner

However, the yacht turned out to be new not only the name, but also the owner. After placing the first advertisement for its sale, Nikolai Shamalov did not immediately get rid of Tatiana. For several months she parked in Sochi, then in Gelendzhik, then in Palma de Mallorca.

But still they managed to shake off the vessel. True, there is no data on this in Russian register books. But it was not possible to clean up all traces. The Ship Station Particulars indicates that Sergei Stanislavovich Sopegin is driving Yamal today.

Neither in Moscow, nor in St. Petersburg (since the registration of "Yamal" - BP St. Petersburg) people with such names could not be found. What in the capitals! In general, there was only one entrepreneur of the same name in the whole country - an individual entrepreneur from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Engaged in the local city of Gubkinsky freight and passenger transportation. But not by sea. It was not possible to get a comment from Sopegin, but the impression is that he is only the nominal owner of Yamal, on whose behalf they decided to quickly resell the yacht in order to remove all references to former shipowners from the registers.

New seller

Even the yacht's seller is also of some sort, apparently, nominal. The announcements of the sale were submitted on behalf of the representative of the Volgograd company "H2O-Motors" named Yuri, but it was not possible to get through to the specified phone number. On its own website of this company, which sells boats and yachts, Yamal is not on the list of ships for sale either. There's secrecy here!

"H2O-Motors" belongs to a certain Tamara Gladchenko. This company from Volgograd is engaged in the retail trade of sporting goods and receives government contracts from the Ministry of Emergencies and the FSB. At the same time, the phone number in the ad is registered at Yuri Gladchenko's Service-Auto LLC (probably Tamara's husband and the same Yuri from Avito).

Ten years ago, Yuri Gladchenko was accused of smuggling American yachts and boats, which he sold through the then H2O store (without the Motors prefix), but in court the prosecutor’s office suddenly dropped the charge, and Yuri Gladchenko began to compete with the newly created " H2O-Motors Tamara Gladchenko in receiving orders from the special services.