Former Senator Pugachev gave up Russian citizenship

He is a citizen of France now, says his representative.
Former member of the Federation Council of the Republic of Tuva, the founder of the International Industrial Bank (IIB), Sergei Pugachev moved from the UK to France. On Friday, July 3, said the "Interfax" referring to informed sources. "If the Russian side officially receive confirmation of the information about the departure Pugacheva to France, and then there will be sent a request for his extradition," - said one of the interlocutors of the news agency.

Sergei Pugachev spokesman Dmitry Morochenko said "Vedomosti" that, to his knowledge, the ex-senator traveled outside the UK. He also confirmed that Pugachev is a citizen of France, whose constitution does not provide for extradition of French citizens in other countries. Pugachev wrote a statement renouncing Russian citizenship back in 2012, said his spokesman. Previously, that was replaced by former Senator citizenship, it has not been reported. In France, Pugachev owns a castle in Nice - Chateau de Gairaut, said earlier "Vedomosti" representative of a banker.

Russia announced an international banker rozysk on charges of embezzlement and embezzlement of 28 billion rubles. Industrial Bank customer, as well as abuse of power in the issuance of non-performing loans by 68 billion rubles. Pugachev himself did not plead guilty. The TV channel "Rain", he stated that he was going to sue Russia, seeking the return of expropriated, in his opinion, the total value of assets of $ 15 billion.

In the first part of the interview Pugachev said that was part of a narrow circle of decision-makers about the successor of President Boris Yeltsin, and talked about the redistribution of property in Russia is not in favor of those who left.

In late June, Pugachev told the tabloid Mirror, that he found under his two cars in London bombs. According to the politician, he was trying to take revenge for the fact that it resists attempts to extradite him to Russia. The banker thought this attempt "KGB-style". June 26 sources of "Interfax" reported that the British government will soon take a decision on the extradition of a banker.