Former TASS employees headed RBC office

Yelizaveta Golikova and Igor Trosnikov will start to work in a week.
RBC employees reported that Elizabeth Golikova and Igor cane appointed "leaders of the united editorial" this holding, told "Vedomosti" a few employees of the holding with reference to an internal letter. Both are former editors of the newspaper "Kommersant" and until recently worked at Tass. Among the new responsibilities they will start from July 14, stated in the letter.

The official announcement of the company states that the post Golikova and Thatched - co-directors of the united editorial. In the next few months they will be determined and approved by the editorial structure, the roles in managing editorship, says the same. Editorial policy RBC will continue to be based on objectivity, professionalism and quality, the company said.

The letter and the report does not specify how to share responsibilities of the new co-heads. One of RBC's employees knows that Golikova will be more involved in RBC as a product and cane - content. Another employee confirms that the cane will soon be responsible for content production, Golikova - for its packagingy and distribution. Both indicate that exactly how the scheme will operate, will become clear in a few months.

"I welcome Elizabeth Golikova and Igor Thatched team. Elizabeth and Igor not only recognized professionals of business journalism, but also managers with successful experience in launching and managing media products "- quoted in the message words RBC General Director Nikolai Moliboga.

In holding RBC includes several media - the same site, newspaper, magazine and television, as well as the online edition of the high-tech Cnews.

In early 2014, the former chief editor of RBC Elizabeth Ossetia created a joint editorial, which created the content for the website, newspaper and magazine.

In May, Ossetian and editor in chief of the site Roman Badanin RBC resigned. They disagreed with the dismissal of the chief editor Maxim Solyusa RBC.

Prior to that, in connection "with possible tax evasion" in mid-April, the police, the Federal Security Service and the Federal Tax Service raided and seized documents at the head office of the group Mikhail Prokhorov, "Onexim," and its controlled companies (but not in RBC);. Later, the FSB said that the searches were carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings on the Bank "Taurian", which Sanatorium - IFC bank (47% - Prokhorov).

Sources of "Vedomosti" close to Prokhorov, these searches tied it with the editorial policy of the RBC. First of all, the officials did not suit the investigation RBC about people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular, the alleged daughter of Putin Ekaterina Tikhonova, sources said, close to the holding.

Officially, CEO of RBC Nikolai Molibog then stated that the change of RBC editors was his decision: "The general director and the editors were unable to reach a consensus on the part of important issues." He gave no details.

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the withdrawal of the editorial guidance of RBC is not related to pressure from the authorities. First, he denied that the Kremlin was interfering in the editorial policy of the media, and claimed that RBC is well known.

Following the searches in several companies Prokhorov police opened a criminal case of fraud associated with the RBC. The case opened inApril Onze Main Investigation Department of Research Affairs in Moscow "on the fact of theft of a 25% stake" data center "Byte-Telecom", the former subsidiary of RBC. Allegedly stolen bag belonged equally Alexander Panov and Yaroslav Koretsky (the remaining shares are controlled by RBC). In September 2014, holding sold shares "Byte-Telecom". Panov said that the sale of fictitious, as a result of it, he says, the minority shareholders have lost their shares.

Thatched Golikova and have to re-gain most of RBC editors, many of them after the dismissal of editors decided that also leave the company. Initially, they were informed that leave on 30 June. After this period has moved - officers agreed to Moliboga request to wait a little longer, until he finds the new edition of the leaders, and to complete work projects. Yesterday, all these editors reiterated the "Vedomosti" that written notice of resignation. Some of them works in the RBC recent days, while others - the last two weeks.

Chronicle of success

In 2015, RBC's revenue increased by 3% and amounted to 5.1 billion rubles. In 2014, RBC was operatsionny loss in 2015 became a business operating profit (13 mln.), and holding the audience has grown - by mobile users. But due to the long-standing debt inherited from the previous holding company shareholders a net loss of RBC was 4.7 billion rubles. RBC controlling stake since July 2010. Prokhorov owns the remaining shares are in free float on the Moscow stock exchange. In November 2012 the business began to manage Derk Sauer, founder of Sanoma Independent Media publishing house, where the "Vedomosti" were before. Sauer invited RBC Ossetia, which he knew by "Vedomosti".

Ossetian changed a considerable part of journalists to the site, in newspapers and magazines in the RBC came to work former employees, of Forbes magazine "Vedomosti," "Kommersant", etc. In addition to business news, RBC began to produce more and more political, particularly popular.. RBC anti-corruption investigation.

Magazine separately

Golikov and cane, unlike Ossetia, will not manage RBC magazine. The chief editor of the media Valeri Igumenov said on Facebook, that the magazine reIt will be part of the joint holding company amended and will now report directly to Moliboga. In this magazine full complement of staff moved department of media and telecom combined edition. The editor of this department Polina Rusyaeva-Tsybizova become deputy Igumenova.

Igumenov in conversation with "Vedomosti" noted that the separation of the total magazine editors are not connected with the appointment of specific persons as its leaders: "We have started to discuss the withdrawal of a few weeks ago."

Later Igumenov explained in Facebook, that over time RBC employees were finally convinced that the site and the magazine very different in rhythm and on the tasks and RBC magazine is going to produce not only the analyst or rating, but also the history of the new entrepreneurs, new business models. He cited the example of the US Wired.