Former top manager of Gazprom's subsidiary was sent to SIZO

The former top manager of Gazprom's subsidiary Igor Mukan was sent to the pretrial detention center.
As it became known to Kommersant, Igor Mukan, the former top manager of Gazenergoset Resources, a subsidiary of Gazprom, was arrested in Moscow for a particularly large fraud. According to investigators, along with two accomplices, he stole more than 2 billion rubles. By supplying fuel for this amount to the company currently in bankruptcy proceedings. At the same time scandalous fame Mr. Mukan, who fought as a paratrooper in Afghanistan, received five years ago, having arranged a showdown with one lawyer at two international airports.

Igor Mukan, previously the top manager of Gazenergoset Resource LLC and head of the Moscow office of the Russian-Kazakh Kazrosgaz LLP, is accused by the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) in Moscow of a particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 CC). Together with him in the criminal case are entrepreneurs Alexey Romanov and Roman Kochanov.

The criminal case on the application of the representatives of the companies Gazprom Mezhregiongaz and Gazenergoset Resource was initially investigated against unidentified persons, but then the officers of the FSB economic security service found the suspects.

Igor Mukan, detained late at night, in the Tverskoy District Court was taken in slippers on bare feet. Attempts by relatives to hand over his shoes and clothes were unsuccessful - the convoy said that this should be addressed to the investigator leading the case. The investigator also said that Igor Mukan and his accomplices were charged with fraudulent fuel supplies worth at least 2 billion rubles. to the company "Oil Trade Service", affiliated, according to the GUS, with the alleged participants in the fraud. For oil products the company has not paid, but now is in a state of bankruptcy - Gazenergoset resource tries to recover from it the damage caused through arbitration.

Igor Mukan, the investigator asked to be arrested, believing that otherwise he could flee to Canada, where his ex-wife lives, or to Kazakhstan, where the ex-top manager is from. In all these countries, the investigator pointed out, the suspect has houses and other real estate, and not all of the defendants have been identified yet.

"I swear that all my houses and cars have been bought for legal incomes," Igor Mukan said in response, saying that his partners had been framed, which the investigation had identified with him as one criminal group. "I myself threatened them with criminal prosecution," the defendant said, having told that the billions that had disappeared could be found - half of this money was hanging in the bank. Mr. Mukan himself noted that he "did not touch" this money, although working in Gazprom's "daughter" could still show "negligence". In Gazprom itself, the matter was not commented on yesterday by Kommersant.

The defense, in turn, asked the court, when deciding to take into account the fact that the suspect is a veteran of the fighting - in Afghanistan, the corporal of the Airborne Forces Mukan was awarded the Medal for Military Merit. In addition, according to lawyers, the businessman is seriously ill - he had a tumor in his head.

"Of course, I am an active person, I can explain for any reason," Mr. Mukan said, "but if I get a house arrest, I'll sit quietly with a bracelet on my leg and I will not go anywhere." Before the announcement of the decision, the accused Mukan crossed himself three times, but the court sent him along with accomplices in the SIZO until August 27.

At the same time, it should be noted that Igor Mukan could have been put behind bars in 2013, when he arranged drunken disassembly with his random fellow traveler at the airport in Rome at the beginning, continued them aboard the plane, and graduated to Sheremetyevo, where the defender, as reported by the media , defending, broke the former paratrooper nose.